What: An attempt to remind myself that the world is a beautiful place and that happiness is within my control.

Why: To achieve self betterment by changing the way I react to external conditions.

How: To record via blog more good things from my family, or personal life.

   By making sure these are followed,  I hope = better blog, and all round Health !!

The third one i have adapted.

Here’s some points for remembering on the way…

The funny way that my daughter will rub my hair, for no reason shouting “Spikeeeeeeeeeey ” ” Daddeeee  got spiky hair “

 The fact that my daughter loves to dance, and for no other reason, than she just wants to!!, and has no hang ups, about what she looks like !

 The way that some mornings as I leave to go to work, the world just seems to be holding it’s breathe, …    just for that snapshot, so peaceful !

Today I aim, to break the big picture, into little bits , this waynot only can you take more in, but also it doesn’t seem that bad…

“Mam,  I’ve had an idea…  ( Yes darcy what’s that )….    ” what’s an idea ??  “”

U2 – Magnificant…  ” I give you back my voice, from the womb, my first cry, was a joyful noise, only love…  only love, can leave such a mark….   “

i suddenly remembered my uncle Harry used to paint in their conservatory.

Walking from Hillsborough in the warm still air, knowing that 3 points are assured.

Going to my grandparents for tea, every tuesday evening after school.

Going to me dad’s work on Saturday mornings

Pear’s soap

My daughter makes me laugh when she gives the excuse ” i’m too little” when she doesn’t want to do something.

Going to Oughterbridge park as a kid, walking up the oval hill path.

i love to drive at dawn, when there is frost on the countryside, the sun coming up is amazing.

You do not know how much you miss your car, until you have to use public transport …

When your child hugs you,

when your child is excited to see you, fists shaking, and shouting ,

the smell of  a toddlers head

seeing, seeds grow into plants.

Seeing the excitement on my daughters face as she runs into the house to show me, her new book

I remember ..  Years ago..  lying in bed with the window open at night listening to summer rain fall…

I miss the orange glow of the city street lamps reflected in the sky at night.

D.  jumping into my arms, shouting ” I am Happy now !! “

D.  taking her toy dog for a walk, on it’s lead in the supermarket…   the comments she got !!

singing my daughter to sleep at night whilst feeding her milk

reading stories to D. seeing her face captivated.

D. singing “I want rain ” the song she has made up.

D. chasing the cat, trying to hug him – the cat trying desperatly to get away !


dec, 09

  D knows how to say ” I love you ” and tells us often, and is pretty good at hugs, that means a lot,

End of Feb’10D, turning over in her bed, and hugging me.

D, running into my arms when I get home from work, shouting “daddeee”

D, pretending to be a vet , looking after her toy horse.


 Friday was my Birthday, D chose a cake for “ME” well, her really , pink with an angel on it !

D opened most of my card and presents, and was literally jumping up and down with excitement, goodness help her on her birthday !!!