Apparently Sheffield Wednesday, have a striker crisis, I think this “crisis” has been around for about, well, I’ve followed them since 1980, so I guess then…..+ some more. (D. Hirst get your boots, you may be needed  still!!)

  Yes players are out of contract in the summer and the talk is that SWFC need Dele Adebola  or Paul Heffernam…   why ??  If they could get Akpo fit for next season, ( look lets face it, he won’t make too much impact now this term ) and with Tudguy, and Clarke, we surely have the strikers .

The problem is not the strikers, but with the support to the strikers, Wednesday, have not given any supply to their strikers, since the days of their talismanic genius’s Sheridan and Waddle.  If SWFC are going to score more goal, then get the ball to the strikers, that is the key. Getting the spine of the team, is crucial, I know the clubs budget is paper thin, and we have done magnificantly really this season,  come on, at the start of the season, you would have settled for 10th , or 12th, and have a proposal for investment, and two new directors, with vision.

Stick with the cause, The future is bright , the future is blue and white !!

( all we need is a fit Akpo ! )