In a way…. Yes.

In a way …. No

I have tried to vote at every occasion that I have been given the opportunity. only 1 time I can think I have missed……

 Voting to me is very important, it is a gift, and one that shouldn’t be undervalued. If I was elected, I would make it compulsory that people voted. Democracy eh ???

  So yesterday we had a town council by – election.  oooooh!

 I went to the polls with interest as we had had hardly any info on the choice, and to my amazement, their was 2 choices only, 2, TWO,

 Labour, and Independant.

I was quite disappointed, I expected the usual mix of strange and random parties !!

But I made my choice and left, hoping the incumbant councillor will make a difference…


No if’s no but’s,

Get out there and vote !

The usual apathy sourounding these elections is this year compounded by the expenses row.


Get out there and vote, if only to stop the extremist parties from getting in !

Disillusionment will be our downfall !!!

Are you voting in the Euro elections?

Do you even know who is standing, and their policies?

The only leaflet we have had is from an extremist party….!!

Not voting for them…..

It should be law that you have to vote….   even if you spoil your vote, you should excercise your RIGHT, that living in a democracy grants you.

 Get out of your chair and vote !!