D has caught the gardening bug,

She expects the seeds to have grown overnight…

i can see we may have to buy some bedding plants this weekend, and get her planting them !


How do you teach your child “to make friends”

When you are a child, the first instincts are purely about self,

As you get older you need to interact to get what you need, and making friends can be tough!

D finally has made a friend, but I hope it lasts , D is SO excited about her new friend, I just hope her friend is feeling the same way about D!! It is the first time D has played with someone in pre-school , and she is SO excited about the fact that she can do it.

 Long may it last

When in Sheffield, we took D for new shoes,

As I’m sure, every parent knows, shoes, and toddlers, can be traumatic,

D has grown attached to her present pair.

NO not literally !!

so we thought we would be in for a fight,

And surely enough, the first place we went for Wellington boots, proved a little problematic, but not TOO bad , only a few screams……., then the shoes   , the shoes we managed to talk her around, ( they had cats on the strap ! ) job done,

We managed, to side step the add on sales shpeel, leather cleaner…..    polish…….   water repellant, blah blah blah, THEN the sales assistant said, “right we’ll see you again in 6-8 weeks !!! )   6-8 weeks,  !!!   What you think we keep D in a grow bag, and feed her Baby Bio ???  ( other plant food is available ) !

( i’m not calling D a plant either by the way ! )

yeah right ……. !

   Now we got D back to me parents, and she proceeds to put her shoes on and wear’em around the house !!!   ( WHY WOULD YOU NOT DO THAT IN THE SHOP !! )

oh well!

My daughter had a MASSIVE tantrum yesterday.

She is on the whole a very well behaved child.

she had a good day, what with going to the Library, and then swimming ( her 2 favourite things ) but then in a well known supermarket she flipped ….  for no reason.

 So J, told me the events, and got D to explain why she had the tantrum, last night.

I explained why she shouldn’t have tantrums, and that She had to either walk, or be pushed around the supermarket in the trolley….   she agreed….    so when I asked her if next time she would naughty…   she said…….    ” I might be … ” and smiled…


I think D has only had her fringe cut twice in 23 months.

This means she she now got an amazing surfer haircut,

but when is it the right time to get her hair cut – properly….?

D hates hair clips, and loathes hair bands…..

but it doesn’t seem to bother her,

but something tells me we should maybe get it cut !!

Apparently this is the new word of the week for Darcy, or Jar jar ( no crap star wars jokes please. )

Yep….      We do not get it either …….. toddler speak I guess

If you’ve got a toddler, you probably know who the wiggles are…….

Hey they can’t be that bad, they taught my daughter to dance, ( and she now dances better than me ! )