D likes toys, alot, as all children do.

But she likes boys toys,Disney’s Cars, Thomas the Tank, trains in general, tool kits.

no dolls, or girls things at all.

J is a bit put out about it, but I’m sure it will turn around. maybe……

D’s football skills are coming on well too. she can dribble with both feet.  An England team place beckons I think !

Anyone else find their children tend to go for the opposite sexes toys??


The second half of our crazy weekend… was a visit to Thomasland, ( Thomas The Tank Engine ) in Drayton Manor theme park.

We got a decent hotel, only 6 miles away, with a nice swimming pool so we could take D, and it was a great couple of days, ( bar the hotel food ) but hey, you can’t win all ways eh ?

 It was worth it just to see D’s face and reaction when we got into Thomasland, she literally was jumping in the air !!! with excitement !

And amazingly she went on all but 2 rides, and that was because she couldn’t physically go on them ! On one of them J said to her “it’s ok, you can scream if you want ” and boy did she scream, ! I could hear her.  when she got off one of the rides, she said ” That was super – duper , my tummy was flipping ! ”  ( how did we ever raise such a posh 3 yr old !!! )

 Her favourite ride though was the the cars which went around a circuit, and then drove through the farmers house, and stopped, and the farmer shouts ” OI GET OUTTA MY FARM !!!!!! ”

 I would never have gone on the rides she did, at her age, she literally had no fear.

I have to learn that it is too easy to ingrain my experiences on my daughter, I need to realise that if you let D go into a new experience with her eyes open, then she alone can make her judgement, and in terms of theme park rides, she seems to enjoy them lots !!!

currently listening to Scream, Aim, Fire – Bullet For My Vallentine.

By this I mean we are are all train engines

By this I mean we are all part of Thomas The Tank Engine etc etc

Or according to my daughter we are !!

  Currently D is Sir Handel . ( this is a progression from Thomas )

J, and I do not know why D is Sir Handel,

 But she is, and pretends to be him !

This is the joy of having a toddler! their imagination is incredible !