Still trying to make sense of the budget, and how hard it will affect us…

I really do not know, the VAT will hurt no doubt,  the lack of tax credits will hurt ( thanks for hiding the true limit in the small print !! Mr. Chancellor )

I am sick of the way the main Political parties ARE STILL sniping and blaming each other for the economic mess that Britain finds itself in today..

 PLEASE ACCEPT IT, MOVE ON , and do something practical about getting us out of the mess, rather than blame each other and stick yer heads in the sand !!  ( and that includes the media, to stop scaremongering, saying that a million public sector jobs will go, including 35,000 police !!! ) if this was the case the unions would be out on strike by now, and we’d be at the voting polls again next week, The Summer of Discontent.  I do not doubt that some jobs will be lost. but I can’t see it on the the scale the media are taliking about .

 I hope not.


 I think the flu, is really man flu.


Listening to 30 seconds to mars, one of the best bands around at the moment…  – This Is War.

Petrol prices are rising fast, ( as I keep documenting )

Another 2p on fuel duty in April,

and it is rumoured that the Chancellor is going to add 3p MORE at the Budget next week

Congratualtions Labour !!!   You have officially lost my vote !!

I travel a 72 mile round trip daily to work, With a bus service that would take me 3 hrs+ per day, and I live in an area in the European top 5 for lack of investment, poverty, and unemployment. I NEED A CAR  ( 9 yr old Fiesta mind )  ( if you ( government) had extended the scrappage scheme by a yr, I MAY have been tempted )!!!  

So When the price of petrol at the pump has risen by 15p PER LITRE in the last year alone, you are crucifying me !!!

I’m an average joe, with an average life, and the kind of voter that surely you are looking to attract, So help me and thousands of others out, instead of lining the Treasury, and paying off the national debts ( which I do not think that I personally am responsible for, yet surely own a share in several banking establishments in this country —–   which are still paying bonuses to staff !! )

Come on stop the increase in Fuel duty, !

Who will be the winners, and losers then ???
Bet the average man in the street will not benefit this time…