Yesterday it rained ….   again..

I do not know how much more rain the water table, or our sewers can take.

Last year was a little worse, and I had the most Dahlia’s I have ever had, but when they flower, they just snap, and rot, under too much rain,

i fear for this years sunflowers, and surviving dahlia’s !

Man, do we need some sun !!

Plus driving is hard, 2 hrs + every day takes its toll, and when in heavy rain , you see more accidents !! last night a new Porsche had spun into the central reservation, If you can’t see, cut yer speed !

We need some sun !!



 This weekend I took D to the garden centre, / shopping centre, mainle on the pre-tense of buying a plastic Peter Rabbit, for the garden,

 Also She got a couple of Thomas the Tank engine books, so all in all it was a win win situation for her….

   Well they ( the garden centre ) only had large rabbits, which kinda freaked little D out, so she settled for a pot bird, or ” spiky Birdie ” as she called, him  ( I think due to the paint splattered decoration on him ) she was happy anyway, and carried him to the cashier ! much to the amusement of the cashier ! 

we just need somewhere in the garden to put him ( that’s the bird…   not the cashier …. )


Photo of cabinet tomorrow, J has borrowed the camera.


Sunflower no. 1 is nearly out , out of 50 seeds , I get 4 flowers,

from 4 flowers, I get 2 monster flowers.

out of 2 monster flowers, one has been attacked by killer snails,

leaving one intact, the hopes of the seed packet rest with you !! We expect great flowers !!  hahaha

I fore -went the rugby yesterday,

I had a bigger project yesterday


I have planted out 30+

sorted out 20 and re planted

staked, and watered,

just need some pipe cleaners ! to hold ’em to the stakes !

todays job.

soon , the feed.

Hopefully next we get Darcy involved, I need to get someone to water them !!


chili’s are up and running….  

Pinks need potting on next!