I have found, especially before my daughter was born, that everyone wants to give you parenting advice, ” the best thing for … ”   ” the best type of …..  ”  ” etc etc

i used to try and remember everything frantically , making mental notes etc, but this does. not. work

Keeping a level head, ( Hahaha )

patience ( aaarrrgh )

Using common sense ( hmm )

these are three better ways to parenting,

 Asking for and receiving advice is good, but you have to be selective, and remember that all situations, and people, are different, if something doesn’t work, go back to the drawing board, and try something else, you will find the solutions that fit your problem.

 and lastly remembering never to look too far ahead, is good, as toddlers have a nasty habit of sneaking up behind you and surprising you !!


  ( darcy last nite changed her standard shopping answer of shoes, She was playing with a toy pig, making him walk, so I asked her where the pig was going, she answered ” shopping ”   so I said ” for shoes ?? ”  She said, ” no ” ” Pops hat !!  ”

I swear my sides split !!!   , If you know Pops you’ll understand !!!  )


The heating is broke again…

I think ( cos I’m not a plumber ! ) That it is an ignition problem on the boiler, or a thermo couple, maybe, we shall see, !

 On another note, Darcy’s well documented mother – clingyness is getting worse, and can turn from laughter and smiles, to full blown tantrum in seconds, it hurts .

 On a lighter note, Darcy’s imagination is getting, better ? / stranger .

The sponge octopus, in the bath that she hated last week, now has a name ….  Pier, ironic eh ?, apparantly Pier’s favourite food are Peas, but he also like bubbles !! Oh Boy !