D often crawls into our bed at about 3am, falls asleep and takes over the bed.

 Well 2 nights ago she was already there asleep at midnight ! when we went to bed.

J, and I were talking about the games D was playing that day, especially the one where D pretends to be a sheep, who gets cold after being sheared, and goes and steals the wool back off of the farmer, and sticks it back on with tape….  ( yes my daughter has a strong imagination ! )

Half way through us talking about this …  D rolls over to J, and says and says ” I was …….  er sheep……    er   stick ….   wool on…… tape ”  then rolls over to me and continues to sleep !!  the kinda thing you say when you are drunk…..   well..  maybe that’s just me ?

  I tell you, D never misses a thing…. 

currently listening to Lost In Translation – soundtrack cd


My daughter likes books

My daughter likes stories

so much so, that we have to make stories up ! ,

I should get them published, Clive the Kitten, Fred and Maurice  ( piper of cause  !! hahahaha !!)the potato heads, Henry the Hedgehog !! 


  Well last night it was taking Darcy and age and a half to get her to go sleep, and she wanted a story, I managed one , then she wanted another, she turned and hugged me ( she knows how to get around me already ! ) but I was tired, and drifted asleep just as Clive the kitten landed on the moon ….  ( yes I know abstract !) then I was woken by Darcy …  wake up dad, get up !!

Stories are far more important than sleep !!


1 1/2 hours last nite.

1 1/2 hours to get Darcy to drop asleep.


it was funny though

Darcy sung last nite for the first time, as in proper singing, it was bad !

the theme from the snowman, but it sounded like karioke in a foreign language!

not good, but very funny !

Darcy could not sleep, so came into bed again with us.


she hit me on the arm and a little voice said, ” ‘Ello dad, dad sleeping ! ”


Our daughter is being mischievous..

Two mornings running now, she has got up at 4am, cried to come into our bed, then sat there talking, and poking us in the eye, or slapped us in the face, wanting us to talk !! I am out of the house by 6am, and my wife also drives a lot, we are not amused, we need our sleep. please.