I’m not a fan of live cd’s

Pink Floyd – pulse, and Red Hot chili’s – Hyde Park are exceptions.

But This cd is AMAZING…….

 If you are a fan of Alter Bridge, then this CD is an absolute must !!

 For the bargain price of £8.99 (uk) you get the Live DVD, the Live CD , an hour documentary, and photo gallery……    ANY other band would charge x3 times as much for this easily.

 Ok I am biased ‘cos I love Alter Bridge, and Myles Kennedy’s voice as a singer, but if you like Rock , then this seriously is for you,  go to their web page and listen to the sample songs from the last album.

 If you get a chance also to hear Slash’s live recording from Vancover last year, ( oh , with Myles Kennedy as vocalist !! ) this also is an amazing live album !


 I have had Slash’s new cd on back order for a couple of months before release, it is one of those things that you get into a band,  (G’nR) you end up buying most of their stuff, they split, you end up getting into the solo projects, ( Slash / Velvet Revolver / Izzy’s solo stuff ) you end up buying most of their stuff, you spend a fortune trying to hunt down rare deleted cd’s etc, etc


( Other record stores are available )

 Then suddenly Slash releases this album, of technically duets…. and it is excellant ! Classic Rock called it  Album of the year, before release , and so far it really could be !! Ozzy’s song is brilliant , as is Ian Astbury’s, and anything with Myles Kennedy is going to be good , right ??

 Well worth a listen if this is yer bag, or maybe if it isn’t your bag, but you fancy a new bag, try it.

So we went to Swansea, to try and find a bike for D, ( and have a sneaky look at the guitar hero merch. )

Boy was this hard.

It had to be red, and have a seat behind, for her Ted (teddy bear) !

result = no.

But in fairness she isn’t that interested in cycling, as in she would rather use her feet to push the bike…..  she isn’t 3 yet ! so maybe back to the drawing board for ideas.

 Bargain of the weekend was in the end of bin shelf at the local supermarket…   2 bolttles of Bierre Morrati Italian beer for 58p  yep…  2 bottles for 29p each !!  I almost collapsed . It went down well with the butternust squash rissotto last nite !!

I am excited, Slash’s new album is out tomorrow in collaboration with Classic Rock magazine, lets say I ReallY hope this lives upto expectation ‘cos if it does it could  be a classic !! The problem I have is putting my Black Stone Cherry down for a few minutes !!!

 Potatoes….  Dahlia’s…  Cosmos… and sun flowers all planted !!

 I do not get time to read…

 bar Thomas Tank Engine….    kids comics…..   Percy the park Keeper…. etc

see a trend here

yes my reading skills are crap !

 NO , I read to my daughter, but finding time for me to read is hard. !

 Well I have just started reading Slash – the autobiography. and it is a good read so far,

I kinda got into autobiographies through sport, and Phil Tufnell, Darren Gough , Mel Sterland, but then read the brilliant Scar Tissue – Anthony Kiedis, which is a tough read, but already being a fan, I found that playing the back catalogue whist reading the book, helped understand the motives, and reasons behind the songs .

 Biographies…   No NO,  I tried a Billy Joel book recently ( I am a major Billy Joel fan also ) but it just wasn’t write..  get it ??    Come on Billy, get it written !!

So on to Slash, I have high hopes, we shall see……