This weekend may have been not the best, for fore – mentioned reasons.

But I had several revelations which astounded me .

1) My daughter of 17 months has a crush on a cartoon character !

2) cheese has approx, 125kcal per 30g !!  ( depending on the make, and type )

3) my memory for forgetting to not have gravy on my sunday lunch !!

  1)    Yes my daughter has a crush on Tom off of Fireman Sam. !!  HOW!!!

  2)    I was trying to be healthy, but we had a bit of double gloucster cheese left, so i ate it, only to see on the pack that, the calories were staggering, ( I am vegetarian, I need cheese, )  But the 125kcal per 30g shocked me ! Mental note, stick to extra light spreadable cheese.

  3) A theory going around is that Sinus headache is caused by an allegy….   i know someone who has migraines, from eating products withhigh levels of monosodium glutamate,  This is in gravy, which i have on a sunday, mainly, and surprisingly I do get headaches on a sunday , Coincidence Eh ???

Due to the headache, i had to stay in , but a plus point was that I got to see Lost In Translation, everytime I watch it, I learn something new !!


My family were supposed to be down this weekend, but this had to be cancelled, after last week this was another straw on the camels back, mind you  it worked out ok, as darcy was still recovering from the side effects of the mmr, and then Jayne was ill all saturday , and I had sinus problems all sunday, I just hope this week picks up ,

The weather gave it all it had last night !  hail the size of peas, thunder, lightning, and gales, and rain, not much was left out !