Anyone notice that the number of blades on a razor is increasing rapidly ??

What are we up to now 4 , I think one may have 5 !!

The risk of injury surely will increase !!

And it gets harder to wash out the razor, meaning the life expectancy drops !

 I was a happy Gillette, Mach 3 turbo user for ages……

 Until the Fusion came out, and Gillette raised the price of the mach 3 blades ! trying to get us to buy the fusion instead…

 Why change something that works ???

 Well I now use Boots own brand, which is simular to the Mach 3 turbo, but a bit of a cross with a disposable, in that you get a great shave, however the chance of cutting you face up is increased if you are not careful !

 When I think of the money we spend on blades, it makes me think I should have electric shaved from the start !!


( other brands of razor, are available, from a wide range, of retailers )