There could be a new album out in the  autumn … apparently

  Live on air, Woodstock ’94 ( could be ) is out next month.

BUT John, why have you left ???

 Gutted !!! 

  So in my excitement, i have managed to get a copy of Plasma shaft ( very good ) and the infamous Abbey road ep ( also good )

The Chili’s are a band I just can’t fail to listen to , I never get board of any of their albums, there is always something new to pick up in their music, and that to me means they stand the test of time.

Can’t wait for the new stuff.


Hey there’s a recession on right?

 So I have a lot of cd’s…

  So I thought that sometimes re-discovering old music, is in a way like buying new music ! So everyday now I am always in work a little early which allows me time to play music so I go retro and play some old stuff…

   Todays soundtrack is :-

One hot minute  – by the chili  peppers….   some think that this is the weakest Chili’s album, but I disagree Dave Novarro adds some depth on this one.

Songs from the deep forest,  – Duke Special. Whoa there, a blast from a different era, I think, Worth it for, Wake Up Scarlett, on its own !!!

Audioslave, – Audioslave …   Just a great album , turn up Cochise loud and enjoy !


It’s strange, but all roads ( musically ) seem to return to the Chili’s

They are a band I Never tire of, I discovered them via, BloodSugarSexMagic, and never looked back,

 Though I do like their early stuff, and wish they would reflect this live a little more.

 I read Anthony Kiedis Auto-biog last year and played the albums as I read the book, which gave ana amazing insight into the albums.

I have just bought their greatest hits on dvd, because their videos are amazing, and always totally different from the run of the mill rock rubbish !

Chickenfoot are great, But I hope the hiatus will end soon, as the world needs the chili’s back !

Yesterday was one of those days

those days that just get clogged up

I painted , I cleaned the house, I painted

When I paint, I can see the world with some clarity,

I can think straight, for a little while….   maybe it is the fumes !!!

How did all that washing build up, let alone the need to hover !! man alive, domestic cleaning stinks !!!  ( well it would without the cleaning !!! )

D had her first REAL terrible 2’s strop, she wanted icecream instead of her sunday dinner, ( who wouldn’t really ) But we had to say NO, we had to make a stand else, D will attempt to rule the roost, ( she kinda does already !)

The problem is that we MAY have guests this weekend, – No chance with the slow state of painting in the spare room, but when you get in at night see D, have tea, you do not exactly feel like painting !

need t stop moaning and get on with it …

I have too many Chili Peppers songs going around in my head today, i tried to blast them out with a little Avenged Sevenfold earlier on, but i may play Califorication in my lunch break….

 Back to the ironmongery ………….

Nostalgia is great,

I recently read Anthony Kiedis’ autobiography, ‘there’s a read ! ‘

This got me listening to all the old Chili’s stuff,

Today i dug out BloodSugarSexMagik.   

One of the greatest albums ever,

transports me back to the early’90’s !

this got me thinking I need to start seeing Northern Exposure again…

 2 1/2 seasons left, I need some quirky alaska back in my life again !!