Yesterday it rained ….   again..

I do not know how much more rain the water table, or our sewers can take.

Last year was a little worse, and I had the most Dahlia’s I have ever had, but when they flower, they just snap, and rot, under too much rain,

i fear for this years sunflowers, and surviving dahlia’s !

Man, do we need some sun !!

Plus driving is hard, 2 hrs + every day takes its toll, and when in heavy rain , you see more accidents !! last night a new Porsche had spun into the central reservation, If you can’t see, cut yer speed !

We need some sun !!


My family were supposed to be down this weekend, but this had to be cancelled, after last week this was another straw on the camels back, mind you  it worked out ok, as darcy was still recovering from the side effects of the mmr, and then Jayne was ill all saturday , and I had sinus problems all sunday, I just hope this week picks up ,

The weather gave it all it had last night !  hail the size of peas, thunder, lightning, and gales, and rain, not much was left out !