D has not always found it easy at pre-school, she still has her moments

(  but then again thats what you get for sending a 3 yr old to school !)

but she is benefitting from it,

but that’s what life is all about right? colouring within the lines

Yesterday she did some colouring, and in fairness it was virtually perfect, she is getting good.

 ( we still don’t know what she does in pre-school ) but we are seeing the benefits.

currently listening to Mother’s Milk – Red hot Chili Peppers ( including the awesome Pretty Little Ditty, and Higher Ground !!!)


Our little D, starts pre-school in september,

we bought her polo shirts yesterday.

she might be ready to go,

but I do not care, it is wrong to send a 3 1/2 yr old to pre-school. you have enough years in education, she should be able to live and enjoy her pre-school ones a bit more.

currently listening to The Sleeping – questions and answers

I wanted to change that to my blog name, but I couldn’t be bothered,

If italians are reading, it means daily, daily, bloggy, which is pretty correct,

if the Welsh are reading Max Boyce may sue me for copyright for his catchphrase ! haha

My daily blog,  anyway……

We are facing the prospect of sorting out pre school place for D…   and the intake before D, is full already with catchment area kids….   we are out of the catchment by a couple of street, but we have a few tricks yet…. the pre school place will effect the school place aswell, so we need to get this sorted.

  D has her appointment this pm, hope it goes ok…..

stock take at work, with man-flu, it is a struggle…