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 Friday was a bad day

 A sad day

Activision cancelled the Guitar Hero game.

 I’m not even that good ! though we all believe we have the ability to do a bit of shredding , right ?

currently listening to Powderfinger – Golden Rule


I am gutted,

 I heard on Friday that Powderfinger are to dis-band later this year.

I do not think that a band has ever had such a profound inpact on me. In 6 years I come to love their work, from start to finish. Hearing  Vulture street Live, being advertised on the TV in the hotel room in Sydney, was an amazing eye-opener. The songs on that album, now are linked to  some of the best memories of my Honeymoon. I swear I played that album for 6 months on loop in the car when we returned from OZ.

 As a band I have found them probably one of the most consistant, musically, catchy lyrics, and  guitar riffs that just get stuck in yer head. proper , honest, 3 minute ish rock music ! In a world of manufactured pop-pap, Powderfinger always were an under-rated, breathe of fresh air

 So good-bye to the Finger, thanks for the tunes, thanks for the memories !

You will be missed, how much though, you will never know !

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssss  S SSSS S !  

it finally came in the post today !!

and it is very good,

Outstanding tracks  2 / 7 / 8 / 9 /10/ 11/ 12

Stand yourself, and golden rule, with all the dreamers are the “big” tracks

Well worth the wait, and the bonus live acoustic album is brilliant, “waiting for the sun” never fails, and good to hear JC again too,

   If you are looking for an honest rock n’ roll cd, then this is it !

Heres to the UK TOUR !!!  ( remember cardiff and sheffield would be good !!! !)

 1 day to go to the big launch of Golden Rule – Powderfinger’s new album,!!

Excitement is building, my copy is ordered , probably take another couple of weeks to get hold of !

 Bought Biffy Clyro this week,

 Captains is a genius song, and to some extent it saves the album,

no, that is a little unfair….   the start and end are good, i can’t get along with 3 /4 songs in the middle, but it is worth the money !

Go look at the new site,

Go listen to the new single !!  what a corker !!

now where’s the uk tour ??

Like many uk fans I have a problem in having to wait for Powderfingers new material to hit uk! Also work have banned new social networking site, ,

so here is a taster of the new powderfinger song, care of triple M radio !!

enjoy ( all 10 secs of it, )

Firstly, thank you for the hits on “walking on her heels”

I should have called it “walking on the heels of her feet ” My daughter is 2, and does not wear heels !!!   in case social services are reading, !

 Secondly pub quiz,    We started off alright for a change, by the half way point we were 2nd, then the obligatory “crap” round 4/10 !!  ” doomed I say DOomed mr,mannering ” !!

funniest moment of the night was when our friend in response to the question …

” what was the naval punishment called where sailors were tied at each end, and pulled under their ship ”  ??

 He answered ” Key holing !! ”  I ‘d like to see someone climb through a key hole !!

Today is about re-discovery, , need to find that “off”switch when I leave work, so I can concentrate on family life more !

Also I dug out my “These Days “Powderfinger liver in concert cd.

 This cd perhaps means more to me, than all the rest, I bought it in Sydney, on our Honeymoon, 5yrs ago. If I travel abroad I always try to buy an album from that country, I bought this one after seeing a 20 second ad on the TV !! but the songs remind me of going to Bondi Beach , and The Rocks, so it holds a lot of memories,

  If you like rock, this is for you , not heavy just great tunes, and lyrics !! 

 You need Powderfinger in your life !!!