Last night we decided twas the time to see whether any potatos had grown, I held out for a glum harvest, having seen the size of the leaves, I was warned the spuds could be tiny….

 D had just HAD a bath, but is always excited to garden, and always gets dirty when gardens !

so we had a bit of a firkle in the green hopper bags, that we have been using to grow the spuds in. and to our surprise, ( MY surprise…..  D’s mega excitement! ) there were some decent potatos there !

  A few  4″ or 5 ” , some smaller………    some the size of a pea,

so we snapped the plant tops off and got digging, D was almost jumping for joy!!!

 We cooked some, and they were really , really nice!

 But it was worth the outlay in soil, etc just to see D’s face. Kids when they do something new for the first time, that they like, have this amazing way of enjoying themselves, and their innocence of finding something new and enjoying it, it great to see, and one of the reasons I love being a parent !!

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Me and D have been growing spuds now for 4 months or something, the flowers are just coming out so I thought we would have a look , see if anything has come up, ( or grown down as case may be ! )

 I met D from J’s car and told her we had an important job to do and it involved picking  ” I LOVE PICKING ” she shouted, so I said and what vegatable do you love most “POTATO’s” She shouted,

 So she ran inside calling to me to follow, ” Come on daddy get the key, open the back door ” ” lets pick the potato’s !! ”

  So we did, BUT……..

 They are between the size of Gnocchi, and a small pebble !! 

D wasn’t bothered she had found and picked a potato ! So it was worth it to see her face !!!

Kids and Gardening is great !!!

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 Dahlia’s are planted, only 2 this year though, though I keep going for the giant variety, and I need huge pots, and cains , I fall for the same trick every year !!!

 D’s bulbs are all starting to come up, soon we should have some pretty impressive tulips!

 This year’s little experiment is potatoes !

 We have 2 bags, with said spuds planted. hopefully they will work fingers crossed and photos to follow.