Me and D have been growing spuds now for 4 months or something, the flowers are just coming out so I thought we would have a look , see if anything has come up, ( or grown down as case may be ! )

 I met D from J’s car and told her we had an important job to do and it involved picking  ” I LOVE PICKING ” she shouted, so I said and what vegatable do you love most “POTATO’s” She shouted,

 So she ran inside calling to me to follow, ” Come on daddy get the key, open the back door ” ” lets pick the potato’s !! ”

  So we did, BUT……..

 They are between the size of Gnocchi, and a small pebble !! 

D wasn’t bothered she had found and picked a potato ! So it was worth it to see her face !!!

Kids and Gardening is great !!!

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Darcy has a cold.

Which means she takes for EEEVVVVEEERRRRRRRR   to go to sleep,

Which means it takes Jayne and I for EEEEVVVVEEERRRR  to go to sleep !!!

Darcy loves books, and stories, ( all stories start with , as she WILL tell you !  )   “Well “, or “once upon a time….  ”

Now having exhausted my story well, and Darcy just getting into her stride, I was starting to panic, a little, Darcy is expecting More stories, and I am not the best at making them up, so thinking on my feet, ( like on Who’s Line is it anyway ! )

Think of darcy ‘s favourite thing…..   errrr   POTATO

Think of Darcy’s favourite place….   eeerrrr  PARK

result the story of Fred and Maurice the Potato heads !!!!  Genius !!

 I can not tell you the story, as they are worthy of being published !!  But it kinda worked, and eventually Darcy went to sleep, maybe through tiredness, or exasperation of her dad telling crap stories !!

Last nite Darcy was playing her usual game of counting out the potatos, and because I had had to buy a huge bag of them there were a lot to count…..

 Well she started carrying them into the lounge, one by one, and laying them out, so I tried to do the real funny Dad thing of taking them away, when she had her back turned, ( after the first time, she ignored me !! ) anyway towards the end of the bag, ( and me having a table piled in potato’s, ) she brought in a large ‘Tater, and shouted, 

” Best ‘Tater EVER “

 Why this one had been singled out for the ultimate accolade, we do not know, but honoured it was !!