In a way…. Yes.

In a way …. No

I have tried to vote at every occasion that I have been given the opportunity. only 1 time I can think I have missed……

 Voting to me is very important, it is a gift, and one that shouldn’t be undervalued. If I was elected, I would make it compulsory that people voted. Democracy eh ???

  So yesterday we had a town council by – election.  oooooh!

 I went to the polls with interest as we had had hardly any info on the choice, and to my amazement, their was 2 choices only, 2, TWO,

 Labour, and Independant.

I was quite disappointed, I expected the usual mix of strange and random parties !!

But I made my choice and left, hoping the incumbant councillor will make a difference…


So Britain has a new Prime Minister…..

 If you voted Tory, or Liberal, are you happy with the result ? I’m not sure

 D.C’s speech to me was shrouded in spin, there was too much use of the words “difficult times a head ” for me. We know public spending cuts are coming, Wales it is rumoured is earmarked for a lot of these cuts, ( thats right take it out on the areas which have   objective one funded areas !!) so David Hesiltines Disraeli speech about the torys fighting for the poor, leaves a bitter aftertaste in the mouth !

emergency budget to be held soon, I think it is time to to tighten the belt ( again) and fasten the seatbelt, cos it could be a bumpy ride, ……   I think theres a sting in the tail coming

So May 6th is election day,( the worst kept secret in british politics )

So who gets your vote, ?? and why ?

The usual apathy surrounds this election, the old “all parties are the same” tagline…in a way the parties are the same, because they are fighting for the middle ground, the problem is where does the middle ground lie, ?

 This old chestnut, class voting….

 The old Two Ronnies class sketch …. comes to mind, tradition is still seen as important ” I have always voted Labour, as did me father, and his before… ” etc,

 Simon Schama on Question Time hit the nail on the head, with a sledgehammer…. by saying that a good politician forgets his background, and empathises with the majority.

  But this is not a real reason for voting, in this time of economic instability, we have to evaluate which party is going to help us A) individually, and B) Nationally.  and this again is a tough decision, as we all know public spending cuts are coming, but none of the main parties will say where they will fall , or how much !

 We have a unique opportunity in this election. To Vote. a freedom that millions would kill to have.

 Don’t mis-use it.

Petrol prices are rising fast, ( as I keep documenting )

Another 2p on fuel duty in April,

and it is rumoured that the Chancellor is going to add 3p MORE at the Budget next week

Congratualtions Labour !!!   You have officially lost my vote !!

I travel a 72 mile round trip daily to work, With a bus service that would take me 3 hrs+ per day, and I live in an area in the European top 5 for lack of investment, poverty, and unemployment. I NEED A CAR  ( 9 yr old Fiesta mind )  ( if you ( government) had extended the scrappage scheme by a yr, I MAY have been tempted )!!!  

So When the price of petrol at the pump has risen by 15p PER LITRE in the last year alone, you are crucifying me !!!

I’m an average joe, with an average life, and the kind of voter that surely you are looking to attract, So help me and thousands of others out, instead of lining the Treasury, and paying off the national debts ( which I do not think that I personally am responsible for, yet surely own a share in several banking establishments in this country —–   which are still paying bonuses to staff !! )

Come on stop the increase in Fuel duty, !

No if’s no but’s,

Get out there and vote !

The usual apathy sourounding these elections is this year compounded by the expenses row.


Get out there and vote, if only to stop the extremist parties from getting in !

Disillusionment will be our downfall !!!