Every night I ask D,

“So what did you do today?”

she says “nothing ”

I say, ” Didn’t you go to playschool ?”

she says “no”

I say “yes you did ! What did you play ?”

She says ” Nothing”

so I ask ” “Which of your friends were there ?”

she says ” no-one ” smiling now !!!

I swear sometimes it is like pulling teeth, or living with a teenager, not a 3 yr old !!!!


 I have a terrible illness….

man flu has struck !!

I blame my daughter going to plague school,  ( sorry play-school)

Man those places are a breeding ground for germs !!!

Anyhow….   D has a cold, J, has a cold, and I have man flu, hahaha ( mines worse of course )

We need a new iron, I do not regularly iron, but our iron is not that good, the steam function is not strong, and usely ends up flipping the trip switch … 

playschool, which is hard work, but Darcy enjoys it…

Need to buy some garage floor paint…..  we do not have a garage, but to enable us to transform our patio, yard into a suburban getaway !! (Hahahahahahaha) !!  we need to paint the concrete floor. The walls bar second coat are nearly there, next comes the re-build of the balustrading on the patio!

5 little words…   ( no not a Ting Ting song,) but my new project , that’s saturday and sunday mind .. !!

shopping, as we have very little, bar potatoes, beans, and mushy peas….   HMMM    mushy peas !