Congrats ! Petrol has reached an all time high !

Locally £1.19, but some stations are showing £1.24.9

Thats per litre folks, not PER Gallon like in the states .

This has now reached scandulous hights, and surely can not continue.

But it will with further fuel duty rises promised, and also the VAT increase in January

An easy way for the Government to screw over the motorist !

 Welcome to the Conservative ” just jump on a bus ” to get to work ethic…. Well , er no actually . I travel 2 1/2 hours. ( on a clear day ) in commuter miles 72 a day, and that would increase by over an hour a day on the bus !!

It now costs me £55 – £60 a week in petrol. when this is harnest to the fact ( like a lot of people in Britain ) we have had no inflation , or pay rises for the last 3 yrs, it is getting to to the point that I bearly break even every month,

 Don’t get me wrong , I’m thankful for a job, and yes I chose to work the distance away I do ( because I live in one of Europes most deprived areas, and there are few jobs ) The British way is to just ” get on with it ” , but there comes a point when you have to say no, and stand up ! This wouldn’t happen in France now would it ??

It is an easy way for the Treasury to earn money with a tax rate of over 70% on petrol..

 And now when the Ombudsman investigating gas&electric companies for unfair price increases maybe it was time Petrol & diesel was investigated . Re-newable powersources are being banged on about all the time, but when will the investment start to pay out to the customer ….   I believe it will not… ever, We should propose sites for wind turbines, and stop people from objecting to planning permission, yes ok if a wind farm is planned in your back garden , then that is bad, but saying that they are an eye-sore is not a valid reason in todays world.

As the great Myles Kennedy said in the Alter Bridge Live in Amsterdam concert ….  ” If you want to make a change in this F**ked up world, put your hands in the air ” !!

 Please I urge you to use

and yes, today I’m listening to Alter Bridge!


Petrol prices are rising fast, ( as I keep documenting )

Another 2p on fuel duty in April,

and it is rumoured that the Chancellor is going to add 3p MORE at the Budget next week

Congratualtions Labour !!!   You have officially lost my vote !!

I travel a 72 mile round trip daily to work, With a bus service that would take me 3 hrs+ per day, and I live in an area in the European top 5 for lack of investment, poverty, and unemployment. I NEED A CAR  ( 9 yr old Fiesta mind )  ( if you ( government) had extended the scrappage scheme by a yr, I MAY have been tempted )!!!  

So When the price of petrol at the pump has risen by 15p PER LITRE in the last year alone, you are crucifying me !!!

I’m an average joe, with an average life, and the kind of voter that surely you are looking to attract, So help me and thousands of others out, instead of lining the Treasury, and paying off the national debts ( which I do not think that I personally am responsible for, yet surely own a share in several banking establishments in this country —–   which are still paying bonuses to staff !! )

Come on stop the increase in Fuel duty, !

I am cynical,

I reckon there are conspiricies out there

I reckon petrol is going up ‘cos we have snow, and the panic factor has hit !!

 £1.12 per litre, COME ON you are joking !!

 suspicions prove to be right,

5p a ltre off when you spend £50 on shopping , offer = 3p petrol price hike in 3 days !!

 = £8 approx onto my monthly petrol bill.

Value for money = err.    NO !,

( bar the very steep fuel duty )

2 well known supermarkets have offers that give money off of petrol prices.

Supermarkets are the bastion of cheap petrol, historically.

So why when they start these offers , do they increase their fuel prices,???

giving all fuel stations carte blanche to raise their prices!

It is wrong !!

Something has to be done about the cost of Petrol in Britain, because the average earner, who HAS to use a car is being crucified, and it is about time the government, and large fuel, and shopping companies realised this !!!