I have been looking to buy a farm for D for christmas, AHmmm ( I mean to send to father christmas for him to deliver !)

All the ones we have seen are approx £40

easy I thought, I’ll make one great idea……. 

8 weeks on and we have a deadline to meet, people !!!

so far it has cost me approx £50 !

 but this farm has a moving windmill etc, so it is better in my opinion ! it is amazing what can be made from mdf !

 Then yesterday, I left some of the fencing ontop of the tumble dryer, which is on top of the washing machine, and this morning D said ” what’s that mam, it looks…. like   a fence, and windmill !!”

 Oh joy, that will have to be moved this evening, and hopefully it will be forgotten ….  Yeah right !

sometimes kids have big eyes, and noses eh !!!


Said Bono,

 And it is true.

 Due to family commitments on J’s side, I had the task of taking D, to a party yesterday. ( my first as a dad) ‘cos the usual ones before have been mid-week or friends also of J.

 Now D is going through a ” mum’s me best friend” stage at the moment, and I mean “best” friend. even to the point of calling her “mama-mia” ( ? )  ( enough brackets for ya ! ?? )

So D, seemed ok as we walked to the party, then as soon as we got in there, she clammed up, refused to speak to any of her friends, and crawled on my knee, and hugged up very tight, which usually would have been fine, but I really wanted her to play with her friends…… but she has this idea that you can only have 1 friend, and that , at the moment is , J !

 So I had this for nearly an hour, then they put the food out, and she ate quite a bit, then suddenly she announced she wanted to go on the bouncy castle. ” you knock yer self out ” I thought, …………..    well not literally,!…… but I wanted her to get the confidence to do it, and…  she did ! Thank God, for 45 minutes non stop !

 Just to see her smile that little “I’m enjoying myself having fun,  whilst being with other kids, and having a bit of independance from mum & dad, smile ” was great,

Though a little sad ‘cos my little girl is growing up, and that, though makes me proud, still can choke me up .

currently listening to Paramore – Riot,

and also Nickelback – Dark Horse.

My 3 yr old is finding her feet, and likes to run around in shops etc,

 So J sat her down and gave her the “danger , Stranger ” talk,

 which went, quite well,

lots of frowning, which means she is thinking hard.

but now we must re-inforce the message  with her, so she doesn’t forget.

 she is a good girl,

But she needs to learn this.

As a parent this lesson needs to be taught.

We are trying to organise our daughters birthday party………  who is 3,

you would have thought this would be easy.


In fairness, me wife has sorted most of the organising , but it has been a nightmare, trying to get responses, , the food, games etc etc, theres only 15 coming !!  god help us when she starts pre-school in september, there could be loads next year !!!

 BUT D has now caught a cold.

You would not believe it. Or maybe you would, she was awake at 5.30 this morning, !

I’m just praying the cold goes in time.


Car insurance firm, said they would send my documents on courier mail ??   which required no signature….    guess what IT NEEDS A SIGNATURE!!!!   AAAARRRGGHH< I have someone to collect them today, then I may have to drive to the garage after work to make sure the new car can be taxed tomorrow, in time for Friday…

  These things are sent to test us…

  Listening to Kids in glass houses. – Dirt

 and Incubus ..

 ( not at same time ! )

So I have been looking at the way in which dialect is important in making us, who, and what we are .

 ( I know I can get all deep, and serious eh ?  )

 Speech bonds us together, it is the glue of life, so here is a collection of words / phrases, that I have not heard for a while, and thought were amusing,  or just good to hear again, now I live away from Gods own country, – Yorkshire. Or the Socialst Republic of South Yorkshire, as some others would call it ! hahaha

” Wang it ! ”      — Hit it !

” Chunter ” – mumble

” Gotta monk on ”  – In a mood

“Nahden ”  – Now then.

“it’s black over Bill’s mothers ” It’s going to rain.

” Yawanowt” – Do you want anything

” Put wood in ‘ole ”  –  Shut the door.

“Roorin’ ” –  crying

“bobbar ” – poo

” Mardy arse ”  – miserable

” nesh ” – cold

“chudda ”  – chewing gum

” Throng ”  – busy

” Fod ” – food

” Crosseld ”  – burnt

” togger ”  – football

” faff about ” – mess about

” sup up ”  – drink up !

” causey edge ”  – pavement

” spice ”  –  sweets

“pot”    as in i’ve broken my arm , and got a pot on it ! – cast if you want to be posh !!

Hope you enjoyed, 

more to follow soon hopefully

So we went to Swansea, to try and find a bike for D, ( and have a sneaky look at the guitar hero merch. )

Boy was this hard.

It had to be red, and have a seat behind, for her Ted (teddy bear) !

result = no.

But in fairness she isn’t that interested in cycling, as in she would rather use her feet to push the bike…..  she isn’t 3 yet ! so maybe back to the drawing board for ideas.

 Bargain of the weekend was in the end of bin shelf at the local supermarket…   2 bolttles of Bierre Morrati Italian beer for 58p  yep…  2 bottles for 29p each !!  I almost collapsed . It went down well with the butternust squash rissotto last nite !!

I am excited, Slash’s new album is out tomorrow in collaboration with Classic Rock magazine, lets say I ReallY hope this lives upto expectation ‘cos if it does it could  be a classic !! The problem I have is putting my Black Stone Cherry down for a few minutes !!!

 Potatoes….  Dahlia’s…  Cosmos… and sun flowers all planted !!

Welcome Easter,

and the snow we had yesterday!  yep snow in April, Man come on !!

News on the fitness front….  I may have been “given” a bike….   we shall see….   it apparently may need some work…..   but free is one of my favourite words !!!!

 Black Stone Cherry’s second album was delivered yesterday…What an album, the 1st cd was good, but this at least equals it !! and the acoustic cd with it is excellant..

Long weekend for Easter now, Been awhile since we had some time off.. Its all good!

Watching American Idol last nite…. I so much prefer this to the crap X factor that we have, ( I feel sorry for America next year ) guest mentor of Usher, who basically said all the singers are great, and they all deserve to win etc etc etc blah blah, then when they sing, the judges rip the crap outta them!! That just does NOT happen in X factor !! more honesty please we like that !! X factor is so ” You so deserve to be in the final etc etc , ” it turns yer stomach !!

 Trying to find a bike for D, so much choice, etc it is going to be difficult !!

Have a good easter !