We are trying to organise our daughters birthday party………  who is 3,

you would have thought this would be easy.


In fairness, me wife has sorted most of the organising , but it has been a nightmare, trying to get responses, , the food, games etc etc, theres only 15 coming !!  god help us when she starts pre-school in september, there could be loads next year !!!

 BUT D has now caught a cold.

You would not believe it. Or maybe you would, she was awake at 5.30 this morning, !

I’m just praying the cold goes in time.


Car insurance firm, said they would send my documents on courier mail ??   which required no signature….    guess what IT NEEDS A SIGNATURE!!!!   AAAARRRGGHH< I have someone to collect them today, then I may have to drive to the garage after work to make sure the new car can be taxed tomorrow, in time for Friday…

  These things are sent to test us…

  Listening to Kids in glass houses. – Dirt

 and Incubus ..

 ( not at same time ! )


Weekend, over and back to work… BOOOoo ooo   oo o    o !

Took my car in to have the handbrake re-tensioned, only to find the rear adjustors, need replacing.! £200 !!  F$@# !!!   I am supposed to saving for a new car, !!! and next month i will need 2 new tyres !

Anyway, we took D to Greenmeadow Community Farm in Cwmbran, which was really good, The sun was hot, the animals were wide and varied, llamas, pigs, sheep, goat, cows, etc etc, good kids play area. so D was really happy !

 Sunday was DIY day !

  I cut the beading from our Bay window down one side, and was “going” to mastic a piece of dowel, then stain it, the best laidd plans of mice and men, eh ?!! Well the mastic had set solid in the bottom 3″, meaning that the £10 was a waste, so i cut the tube open, and used the mastic as a kinda glue / come putty, painted the dowel and stuck it on, then filled one side with the sealant, like putty !!  it looks ok, but I need another tube to seal the wall edge, and then do the rest of the windo, and door !!

listening to :- 30 seconds to Mars, and a bit of Nickelback.

How do you teach your child “to make friends”

When you are a child, the first instincts are purely about self,

As you get older you need to interact to get what you need, and making friends can be tough!

D finally has made a friend, but I hope it lasts , D is SO excited about her new friend, I just hope her friend is feeling the same way about D!! It is the first time D has played with someone in pre-school , and she is SO excited about the fact that she can do it.

 Long may it last

They will finally be made this week, (taken 3 weeks ish to clear up !! )

I should be ok……

 Escape plan still being formulated though, as the outgoing persons work will only get re-distributed, and “pay review ” won’t be for over a year !

D was in a mood last nite, TOO tired and didn’t want a bath…

J was tidying up, and D couldn’t wait, so I tried to get the bath ready, and see to her clothes, But she wanted Mum to do it, and shouted ” I don’t love you as much as mu……….” ( the mum bit trailing off under her breathe) she knew what she had said,

I knew what she had said,

It hurt,

I knew she didn’t mean it, and so did she, cos J called me back up stairs after a few minutes, and D was really upset,

The joys of parenting.

Currently listening to Gavin Degraw – Chariots

             and Odyssey no.5 – Powderfinger

Well kinda.

Being Vegetarian, I’m really not fond of the label, and the ” can he eat wafer thin ham?? ” comments…. I have abused the fact that I lack vitamins etc, MY mother always said to eat them, but I also thought that a baked potato , ( as a teenager with vinegar ) probably gave me all the nutrients I needed !

 Winter is over, and the Vitamins M.U.S.T start again, I felt so much better before, just need to take them again.!

  Also the diet started this week,

Easy diet, ANYONE can do this one

1) Drastically cut down on bread ( you must have a couple of slices etc a week thogh )

2) STOP eating biscuits, and chocolate. , and crisps ( hard to do in the pub ) END OF

3) watch the alcohol intake

4) DO NOT eat after 8pm

5) Cut down on the size of the food portions, and now it is spring (kinda) try and swap some of those pasta, spud meals for salad !!

 Sounds alot, but it isn’t really, is it, it is just starting it, which is hard.

 Oh yer, and Porridge and OJ for breakfast.

Theres yer oats.

More redundancies at work,

“may” have avoided them,

Our 6 will soon be 5, i’ve been here 13 yrs, and strangely there were 13 people then, in two weeks time there will be 5 !!

Doesn’t inspire confidence now does it !!  the problem is the only safe job these days is an undertaker ! times are changing, and I need to put myself first for a change !

  We have a general election soon, and the choices for my vote are slim,

Labour :- ran out of ideas

Consevatatives :- ” vote for change ” but won’t say what the change is ….   bar public spending cuts, and they won’t commit to where and when !!!

Liberals ….   Who ? oh the people with the yellow rossettes ?? 

So it will be a two horse race, to capture the middle ground. the problem is the people in the middle ground are sick of broken promises, high taxes, low faith in the justice system, and mp’s expenses scams. People died to give me this vote, and it is something I do hold in high esteem, everyone should be made to vote, even if they spoil the paper, but you should vote!

The question is for who though ???