I’ve been looking out my window at the railings on our house,

they are a mess.

so I started this weekend, to clean them up ready for re-painting.

Problem is it is the rust that is holding them up !! and i’m not doing the rails on each neighbour side, not because i’m tight…  ( well I am ) but they both say that it is my boundary, ( I only have 1 boundary, and I think i know which, but I need to get the deeds out! )

4 1/2 hours of wire brushing and scraping, and they finally look presentable for painting,

mind i found out that previous owners had painted them , silver, and before that green !!!  GREEN for goodness sake, maybe I should upset the neighbours , and paint them blue and white !!  stripes !!!

Yesterday was one of those days

those days that just get clogged up

I painted , I cleaned the house, I painted

When I paint, I can see the world with some clarity,

I can think straight, for a little while….   maybe it is the fumes !!!

How did all that washing build up, let alone the need to hover !! man alive, domestic cleaning stinks !!!  ( well it would without the cleaning !!! )

D had her first REAL terrible 2’s strop, she wanted icecream instead of her sunday dinner, ( who wouldn’t really ) But we had to say NO, we had to make a stand else, D will attempt to rule the roost, ( she kinda does already !)

The problem is that we MAY have guests this weekend, – No chance with the slow state of painting in the spare room, but when you get in at night see D, have tea, you do not exactly feel like painting !

need t stop moaning and get on with it …

I have too many Chili Peppers songs going around in my head today, i tried to blast them out with a little Avenged Sevenfold earlier on, but i may play Califorication in my lunch break….

 Back to the ironmongery ………….


  Ceiling painted.

Skirting boards are now stripped, and sanded ready for painting,

walls are blottered out white, nearly ready for painting.

 just need more time, to get this room finished !!!

the folks are coming down in 2 or 3 weeks time, and my sister in a month,

The pressure is on !!!

When painting, I’m strange

I enjoy painting the walls, but hate the gloss, man what a bind gloss is !!!!

Also I have to paint barefoot, I can’t tell you why, cos I do not know, it just feels right… i am at one with the roller or something !!

strangeness over………….. too much honesty for an early morning!

So the back room needs painting again, J chose the colours, I do the work ,seems a fair swap…  ? eh ?  hmmm.

  D will probably have a thousand questions !

When painting, you need a soundtrack, it helps the time go by

It was a warm summer nite, last nite, so I thought it was time I dug out a little Lemon Jelly, as it hasn’t been heard lately, good …..   but not quite good enough, cue Richard Hawley, off of Sheffield fame. and surprisingly it worked,

 2 albums later there were nearly 2 coats of matt covering the purple and pink walls ( classy eh ?? )

 oh yeah…   when leading supermarkets sell off DIY products, do not buy the cheap rollers !!!  cos , they , are, cheap, and basically crap !! investing a litlle in your tools, pays dividends,

I learnt this last nite !!!

Man, what a month, though work is slack, home life is crazy, out this weekend, then easter , then family down for the next two weekends !! oh er, then its May ! another month gone !

Home is mad, I do not seem to have spare minute, I am trying to paint the outside of the house, well the back yard, but you can only do so much at one go, and then of course the weekend is split between trying to share the parent burden, and work on the house, especially as family are down soon, and things need doing, thank god for music, I am getting through so much at the moment it is untrue….. just need to to calm down a little the stress of it all, and driving 70 + miles a day is killing me …