I am ashamed,

I have followed my beloved club since 1979.

through thick and thin, ( mostly thin )

 Cup finals, European tournaments, relegations, and now now financial disaster..

 Nick Hornby, said in fever pitch, “when you chose your club, you chose for life” How true, Wednesday are are in my blood, and will be till I die, but the recent troubles are enough to test anyone,  how can a football club sink so much because of their finances. !

 If Wednesday go to the wall, I wouldn’t / couldn’t follow another team, it would impossible…..I am shocked to the core, that we fans find ourselves in our current situation, because lets face it, the FANS are the ones to suffer, always the fans, 18,000 of which turned up for a league 1 game, when their closest rivals could only muster 14,000 crowd, and that is a good crowd for them ….. we poll a higher crowd than most teams in the championship !

I understand the protests, sometimes Owls fans maybe do not protest enough . but for once more than ever the fans must get behind the team, attendances must stay up, in order to keep the revenue coming in , 

 The fans must be the 12 man, ! I know the team are not playing well, for whatever reasons, but as fans it is our job to back the team,  if we don’t there won’t be a team. end of.

 Back the team, because tomorrow maybe too late.

 The future is bright ( possibly ) the furture is blue & white.

BBC to show the Sheffield Wednesday VS Crystal Palace game on Sunday 1pm

At 7am, 26,000 tickets sold, and apparently BT have announced they didn’t expect the demand for tickets, ( as if )

 So the relegation decider is all going to be decided on Sunday, a win , nothing less will do, Lee Stafford, calls it the biggest game for 20 yrs  !  If that isn’t enough of a wake up call , then nothing is.!

The nerves are jangling already

The future is bright , the future is blue and white.

I went home last weekend to see the folks,

and see Sheffield Wednesday, play Blackburn in the last pre-season friendly !!!

And obviously to get D a new Sheffield Wednesday Shirt ( much to J’s annoyance !! )

 As Nick Hornby says in Fever Pitch…   ” When you choose your team, choose carefully, because you choose for life ”

 So being a caring father I chose Sheffield Wednesday for D !!!  ( before Liverpool, Man utd, and even the cardiff, try to grab her attention !!!

  And if she took up the game, Wednesday have a decent womens team, and being half English, I hope she would represent England ( I hope J is not reading this !! )

  Maybe I am getting a little far ahead !!!  ?

  I sold the shirt to D, ( NOT IN MONEY TERMS !!  I’M NOT THAT TIGHT !!!)  by saying that it had an owl, and a teddy bear ( Sheffield Childrens Hospital, worthy cause !! ) ( only 3rd team to my knowledge to do this in a sponsor given to charity )

   So I bought the shirt, which D has worn, though she liked it, because she said it has a doggy on the front ( teddy bear of the hospital !!!)  Oh well  it is a start !!

I also bought the shirt, looks like the family are eating bread and dripping for the rest of the month !!!!


Last nite saw me paint out 2 wardrobes with some damp paint, not that they have damp as such, but they get that stuffy musty air, you know ??    maybe not ! 

  well damp paint smells like it was made in a fish factory in Hull !!!, so get the windows open, and the de-humidifier, which worked a treat.

 Tonight I start to paint the back room


 I aim to get to see the folks in weeks time, for the Blackburn game, which also means I shall get D the new Sheffield Wednesday shirt !!   ( Much to J’s annoyance ! )

  The thing is when you choose your team, you choose for life…..

You have an obligation as a parent to “steer” your child at a young age, to ” hopefully ” choose your team, else the Big 4 will get another recruit !!!  that can not happen. If D decides not to follow football, at least I can say I tried !!!

The future is bright, the future is blue and white. !!! Up the Owls

In the week that saw the extortionate transfer of Ronaldo to Madrid, ( following the less, but just about as crazy Kaka deal ) Sheffield wednesday have again triumphed.

Not only have they donated their shirt sponsor to The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield, but  they have now announced the folowing charity donation deal.

 1st 10,000 shirts  sold sees £1 per shirt sale to the Hospital

2nd 10,000 shirts sees £2 per shirt sale to the hospital

30,000 + sees £3 per shirt ….

A worthy cause, and a worthy gesture from a football club ( perhaps only the 3rd club to give away sponsorship to charity , after Barca, and Aston Villa ) especially in these tough economic times.

So whether an old, or new Owls fan, get out there on July 4th, and buy the shirt.

There’s more reason than ever to wear the Wednesday colours with pride !!

The future is bright, The future is blue and white….