Just heard that the heart consultant has agreed to see D in May !!

 This a major deal, and at least it isn’t a year like he first said !


Well good news and a little bad,

The doctor said that D’s progress was good ,  …   good

but that the surgery on the paytonductus had meant that the left artery from the heart was very slightly narrower….   ok.

he said it was a 1/20 situation, and if it stayed as it was or got bigger then fine, if it got narrower then they would have to insert a balloon to inflate it slightly….   bad

We have to give a year, see what they say then…

we were hopeful of a full discharge, so it is a little disheartning, but it is not all bad news eh ? !!

I wanted to change that to my blog name, but I couldn’t be bothered,

If italians are reading, it means daily, daily, bloggy, which is pretty correct,

if the Welsh are reading Max Boyce may sue me for copyright for his catchphrase ! haha

My daily blog,  anyway……

We are facing the prospect of sorting out pre school place for D…   and the intake before D, is full already with catchment area kids….   we are out of the catchment by a couple of street, but we have a few tricks yet…. the pre school place will effect the school place aswell, so we need to get this sorted.

  D has her appointment this pm, hope it goes ok…..

stock take at work, with man-flu, it is a struggle…

D has her 1st annual check up after the surgery last June…

It should be all ok now, Back in my Myspace days it was traumatic, but the surgery seems to have worked, D has a bucket ful of energy , and has gained weight, and height at leaps and bounds…thank God

 Having Kids who are sick, is aweful, in the fact you would do anything to take their place. but hopefully she will be signed off on thursday,

 Alot of people critisize the NHS, at the moment I have a lot to thank them for !!


 Dentist tonight, JOY !


 Our neighbour reckons someone jumped over our back wall, to have a look around, then tried to get into his garage….so last night I fixed the security light, put up some sharp ( ish) chicken wire to cover a hole between the gate and top off the shed, , and today I need to get a hasp and staple for the shed,


Those railings still need painting..

..   Missed Jools Holland last night, Gladys knight, ( no pips ) and Shakira,  worth watching for 2 different reasons …! 

oh well work is upon me, more later..