So is this to be the final album by Mike Skinner ?

We will see. I had this in the car today, ‘cos the only way to listen to a cd is the car , right? and The Streets cd’s do go well in the car !

 Computers & Blues, at first listen is a pretty tough one, If you are expecting the almost anthemic songs of Everything Is Borrowed, then you will have to wait till at least track 9, though they do not disappoint. I have always liked The Streets, Mike Skinner doesn’t represent my life in many ways, but I can still empathize with the songs. About 2 yrs ago at the Electric Proms, from the roundhouse in London, where he had flu, and still performed, the show was unbelievable, one gig I wish I’d been there!!

 There have been many imatations on The Streets, but none have come close in my eyes, on this unique social commentary, which is always fresh and relevant in todays society. Original Pirate Material could be released today, and still have the same impact.

 So if you fancy listening to something totally out of your comfort zone, ( for me anyway ) this is worth a listen, because the songs actually mean something, compared to all this pap, and manufactured rubbish that claims to be music today.

 If this is the last Streets cd, or whether Mike Skinner finds another outlet for his socail commentary, I will look forward to it .

currently listening to The Streets – Computers & Blues.

I heard one song on Scuzz.TV, and read a bunch of reviews of this band,

Then decided to get , The ’59 Sound cd by them,

and…  they are amazing.

Imagine Bruce Springsteen, 20 years ago,and The Strokes, combined, stripped back a little, and sped up slightly….   I know an odd description.

But this band are a real revelation, how they aren’t more well known I do not know,

If you fancy something new, try The Gaslight Anthem.

Ever had some music, that you used to love, but now you just can’t listen to it ??

 Well, I keep trying to play it, but I can’t… I have nothing against these bands at all…

Moby – Play is an amazing album, but I had it on loop for about 2 weeks , back in the day…   now I just can’t “play” it anymore….

Hell Is For Heroes – Neon Handshake, …  we go back with some history here. I used to love this, in a way it got me into my current metal phase without knowing it…   I even bought a copy for my cousin, though there are amazing highlights on the album, I find it really hard to listen all the way through, I made it this morning, but in the end, I know I won’t play it again for 6 months or a year…

Genesis… anything after Peter Gabriel left,

 Ok the Brazilian I like, but I just…..   can’t…..   put…. it….. on…  it …. gr..a… !

P.O.D – Greatest Hits…..   I love Alive, it is one my favourite songs, but not the rest of the cd,… sorry.

It’s not that I like a whole new genre of music, … I play stuff everyday that is a wide selection…. but it is strange that our musical tastes evolve, over time, maybe we just grow out of music, or maybe it is the fact we crave something new all the time, as soon as we find it, we devour it, but always want something else….

What a year !!

 I started out the year buying a lot of Motown, and Stax Gold stuff,

moved swiftly onto quite a bit of metal, and thanks to a friend, have been introduced to some amazing bands,

recently I have had some charts stuff on,

 I flirted again with Pink Floyd, and The Streets,

flirted also with G ‘n R , and Backyard Babies

Richard Hawley, of course

 and today back to the Stone Roses, you can’t beat a bit of Sally Cinnamon, and Fool’s Gold !!

Ahhhh, Madchester ! so many memories !

maybe I’ll dig out some Inspiral Carpets next…….  we’ll see.

Powderfinger next month !!


 Yesterdays, music painting ex-travaganza play list.

1)Best of G ‘n’ R

2) Backyard Babies

3) How to dismantle an atom bomb – U2

4) Sigur Ros

5) Gavin Degraw,

 Velvet Revolver will have to wait till tonight. !

I just found out that my daughter likes Shakin stevens !!!

I just found out my wife has his cd in the car !!!!!


but watching my daughter move and wave her arms to ” green door” is hilarious !!

 From time to time, we have , in work, a bad music day.

 yesterday was no exception,

1) Doris day,

2) Jive Bunny was threatned ( we fought hard to keep it in the cd case !!! )

3) Power Ballards, cd’1 1+2 , Oh yeah baby we really had a field day on that one !!

  We shall see what today brings, I have  a dodgy Indie compilation, and also the best of King. ( best of ???)

Please… !

Man, what a month, though work is slack, home life is crazy, out this weekend, then easter , then family down for the next two weekends !! oh er, then its May ! another month gone !

Home is mad, I do not seem to have spare minute, I am trying to paint the outside of the house, well the back yard, but you can only do so much at one go, and then of course the weekend is split between trying to share the parent burden, and work on the house, especially as family are down soon, and things need doing, thank god for music, I am getting through so much at the moment it is untrue….. just need to to calm down a little the stress of it all, and driving 70 + miles a day is killing me …

I began this year with a notion that I would try and listen to new music ( new to me )

It began with a journey into Motown, and Stax

moved to rythymn and blues, with jools holland, even a little ska thrown in

then went darker, with quite a bit of rock,

now, well theres still rock, a little billy joel, and u2 and rem, a bit more mainstream

Is it my mood that determines the music I listen too, or is it the music that determines the mood I am in ???

It s part of the journey …

 New year was a revelation to me,  I decided to get back to my musical roots, as I was brought up on motown chartbusters, Marvin Gaye, 4 tops etc etc etc

  As already stated i bought some Otis Redding, Stax hits ,Motown gold, and Motown hits, the idea to get a very broad mix of all motown artists, and try and find some hidden gems !!  Last week I ordered, a rarites cd, because i knew some of the songs on it, but also because there were lesser known artists, and songs on there too, well it came on saturday and I was surprised to find that the shop had sent me not only vol 1, as ordered, but 2 + 3 also !! bargain, and it is genuinly good !!

 As with all music genres there is good and bad, and personally you CAN’T beat Marvin gaye, but as I write this, there is a very good David Ruffin song playing !!   see I discover more all the time !!