I saw Raphael on Later, Live with Jools Holland, and was impressed, though not sure whether he was genuine about his style of music, ( a mixture of Motown, and Philedelphia sounds ) , but i liked it enough to get the album ” The way I see it ”

A review on line said it was very simular to the Stlylistics and Delfonics, ( If it was anything near these, it has to be good, right ? ! ”

 And sure enough it is very good, a couple of plays, and it is good for driving to  !

There are excellant collaberations with Stevie Wonder, Joss Stone, and Jay-z, “sometimes” and the re-mixed version of Oh Girl, with Jay-z are brilliant, Fat Motown hooks, and catchy lyrics.

Well worth a listen, if you want to hear a Motown , with a modern twist.

 New year was a revelation to me,  I decided to get back to my musical roots, as I was brought up on motown chartbusters, Marvin Gaye, 4 tops etc etc etc

  As already stated i bought some Otis Redding, Stax hits ,Motown gold, and Motown hits, the idea to get a very broad mix of all motown artists, and try and find some hidden gems !!  Last week I ordered, a rarites cd, because i knew some of the songs on it, but also because there were lesser known artists, and songs on there too, well it came on saturday and I was surprised to find that the shop had sent me not only vol 1, as ordered, but 2 + 3 also !! bargain, and it is genuinly good !!

 As with all music genres there is good and bad, and personally you CAN’T beat Marvin gaye, but as I write this, there is a very good David Ruffin song playing !!   see I discover more all the time !!


  ” A change in the wind, says I ! ”

It’s 50 years of Motown.

There’s a statement.

Over Christmas , and the per-chase of another greatest motown ever etc , cd, I think it is time to expand the musical range again, so here are the years “new” purchases to date.

1) Motown – 50 yrs of.

2) Buddy Guy- collection ( OK yes I know NOT Motown, but an exploration into the blues. )

3) Stax records – Memphis hits gold

4) Tamla Motown, – Hits and hard to find rarities vol 1.

5) Otis redding – definitive collection.


Here’s to new pastures, and also well trodden paths .