My family were supposed to be down this weekend, but this had to be cancelled, after last week this was another straw on the camels back, mind you  it worked out ok, as darcy was still recovering from the side effects of the mmr, and then Jayne was ill all saturday , and I had sinus problems all sunday, I just hope this week picks up ,

The weather gave it all it had last night !  hail the size of peas, thunder, lightning, and gales, and rain, not much was left out !


This has been a BAD week,

Not that anything MAJOR has happened, but more in the drip , drip effect !

The heating is now fixed, thank goodness for heat, you only appreciate it, when you do not have it eh??

MY family now may not be down this weekend. We shall see….  

And Darcy is feeling the effects of the MMR jab last week !!  nothing really bad, but she is not herself…

   This is kinda the problem also, she screams ( playfully ) when I enter the room,  ( jayne thinks, because I tickle Darcy too much ) the clingyness to Jayne is still there, and has been for over a month now. I KNOW that toddlers, often favour one parent, and especially when they are ill, they will go to their mothers, BUT it still hurts, when your daughter won’t spend much time with you, I KNOW IT IS JUST A PHASE !!  , but even so, it hurts !