So is this to be the final album by Mike Skinner ?

We will see. I had this in the car today, ‘cos the only way to listen to a cd is the car , right? and The Streets cd’s do go well in the car !

 Computers & Blues, at first listen is a pretty tough one, If you are expecting the almost anthemic songs of Everything Is Borrowed, then you will have to wait till at least track 9, though they do not disappoint. I have always liked The Streets, Mike Skinner doesn’t represent my life in many ways, but I can still empathize with the songs. About 2 yrs ago at the Electric Proms, from the roundhouse in London, where he had flu, and still performed, the show was unbelievable, one gig I wish I’d been there!!

 There have been many imatations on The Streets, but none have come close in my eyes, on this unique social commentary, which is always fresh and relevant in todays society. Original Pirate Material could be released today, and still have the same impact.

 So if you fancy listening to something totally out of your comfort zone, ( for me anyway ) this is worth a listen, because the songs actually mean something, compared to all this pap, and manufactured rubbish that claims to be music today.

 If this is the last Streets cd, or whether Mike Skinner finds another outlet for his socail commentary, I will look forward to it .

currently listening to The Streets – Computers & Blues.


The world cup has raised issues with Britain,

 I miss the English spirit ‘cos I live in Wales, I was proud to be English last weekend when I went home , theres such a camaradery at the moment, But in wales all I get is grief ! OK I expect it to an extent, that is the way sport goes, it is tribal, birds of a feather etc etc etc…  

but the true fact is that if England weren’t in the world cup, the English would follow Scotland, Wales, or Ireland.  I do find it strange that that same feeling doesn’t rub the other way ? Especially as week in , week out, most of these people follow man utd, liverpool, chelsea, etc etc etc..


Waxing lyrical with – The Streets.

( Come on Mike Skinner , time for another album !! )