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 Swine flu  ‘concerns me’

I’m not stressed by it, I worry more for my daughter than myself.

The truth is we do not know if it is going to be bad, or not, It has gone a little quiet at the present, but they reckon it will come back again, if it does, then we will have to deal with it, until then the media should stop whipping up the public hysteria,

I was reading The Western Mail newspaper this morning, where it states that local authoriies, should look at pre-digging graves, even multiple graves,, and set up temporary mortories, as there is expected to be between 44,000 , and 750,000 dead in britain !!!


 WHAT ??

Stop the sensationization of the news and report some facts, We do not know what will happen with the flu ! To say between 44 + 750 thousand will die, well how did those figures get made up ? they vary just a tad !

only 44 people have died in britain, and nearly all of those had underlying illness,

Stop panicking people, media!

Who is right about this swine flu then???

 If you listen to the media,  ” The end of the world is Nigh ”   ( ” We’re allllll   dooooommmed  ” to quote Fraser on Dad’s Army )

If you listen to the doctors,,  ” Don’t worry, this is no more than the seasonal flu, that doesn’t get reported ”


I’m concerned, but not panicking …………….