D went to the library yesterday,    again

she has 2 books already, and now has another 2.

I said to J, ” How many books can D take out ?”

” 15 ” she said

“15 ” !!!  I said, I am sure the last time I took books from a library it was 2 , and maybe upto 2 cassettes of music ( yes it is that long since i used my library card !!!! )

D is turning into a book fiend. But Library day is a good day in our house, ‘cos you know D will come running in shouting ” look at my books dad !! ”



Answer very young…
D has joined! she can have 2 books a week, and after 6 weeks they give her a free book to keep !
And D, loves books, she was really excited and ran up to me, to tell me, about the books, !

D. Loves the library.

Last week her nan took her, but it was half day closing, D. stood at the door saying ” NAN, GET THE KEYS”  bless  ..

  She knows exactly where the Father Christmas books are, and goes and sits in the pre-school corner…..   ( She is 22 months ) !!!  she has her own library card…..

We read to her all the time in fairness, so this is a natural progression we hope…..  keep feeding the mind !!