Sorry for not responding sooner… i’ll keep this brief because we haven’t decided what to do yet, and until then I won’t say too much.

 It was a, …..   strange …  check up to say the least.

 The usual ECG , which we had a job to quiten D down, bless her she cried, ( only natural when your getting plastered in wires . )

 The the consultant scanned her for with a ultrasaound for 10 minutes,

 sat down

then said ” OH I was supposed to look at the other side ”

” eerr, I’ll see D in a years time, she wouldn’t let me see all the right areas. ”

( I’m not being funny here, D didn’t not move !!!!  she was too interested watching her heart on the monitor !!! )

We are currently awaiting the confirmation letter of the scan, to see how to proceed with this very unsatisfactory outcome to the scan.


You serious !!

2 bowls of ceral a day, plus a meal in the evening…. Feed me I’m wasting away !!


1 & half bowls of cereal twice a day.

PLUS a banana, in the morning , and another “healthy” snack in the afternoon…

then a meal in the evening..

 We shall see, 2 weeks to go.


So one of me favourite bloggers…  ( 46 day challenge )

is slowly getting my head in order in terms of getting healthier, running is a firm option, but planning around the weather is a pain. so to start with I thought lets get the BMI done.

The results are not the fantastic, to me, BUT not devastating, and it shows where the improvement needs to be made, so in a way Happy Days,

realised that the above is the calculator link not my results page !!

BMI = 28.2 based on height of 192, and weight 102kg = overweight , well over, but obesity kicks in around 30 ! so inside that !

The work begins