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 Friday was a bad day

 A sad day

Activision cancelled the Guitar Hero game.

 I’m not even that good ! though we all believe we have the ability to do a bit of shredding , right ?

currently listening to Powderfinger – Golden Rule


I never was a “serious” gamer,  Though I had an Amstrad 464, playstation, and PS2

 I do have a Wii now which although the graphics are good, the versatility of the games is incredible.

 I had Guitar Hero, about a month ago, and am slowly getting through it..

 Well I can play 2 minutes to midnight , on medium level, if that is any good,

 I tried to get D into the Wii. Peppa Pig, but to no avail…

 She watches the Zing Zillas now on CBeebies, so I  hope she may get the guitar bug, but we shall see…….