I enjoy cooking,

I enjoy watching Hells Kitchen, ( though Britain is behind the USA by about 10 weeks ( note to self… do not find official Hells Kitchen webpage, it may tell you what is happening W.A.Y ahead ) )

But I do not really want to take part in such a show, the pressure is pretty intense. And as a vegatarian, how the hell do you cook meat, or fish ? there’s a learning curve !! However if I did want to participate I reckon theres 2 secrets that could probably get you half way to success,

1) taste all the food.

2) talk all the time in the kitchen, no communication I reckon will get you the boot pretty early on !

if half the contestants did the 2 points above, the show may be double the length !!

, Talking in the kitchen certainly happens in our house !! D, came home from school the other day and said “Dad can we cook ?”

 ” Yes ” I said, racking my brains as mid – week – no food in the cupboard syndrome was happening…   So I said yes, we will make scones, and luckily we had some billberies, ( wimberries to the welsh ) ( blueberries to Americans ) so we lobbed them into the mix, and it was a surprising success, although D didn’t want to mix the mixture….   ‘cos we might get dirty….   such a girl !!!


Man, we have tried some pasta sauces… !

stir in, bake in, fresh, pour on, ready cooked,

some are better than others, but yesterday, we tried Gordon Ramsays cherry tomato and balsamic vinegar, and it is the dogs bollocks when it comes to pasta sauces

 ( bar my own that I make !  ( Sorry Gordon ))

so if you see this in a supermarket near you, buy it, you may be surprised,

Sorry but this is compulsive viewing in our house

(although i did see the comments at the end of the credits saying that it was filmed last year !!! oh well,

 it is amazing how they always choose some talented people , and then some absolute numpties !!!

How “Chef” Ramsay gets away with the grillings with the Americans I do not know, The british version is a lot tamer !!!