The Pre-season friendlies start in ernest this week,

For once Sheffield Wednesday have potentially , a very good SQUAD, with decent cover in a few areas!, in some respects we have a better squad now, than last season.

and then Yesterday Clinton Morrison signs

A Big coup !! and with the likes of Heffernan, JJ, Mellor, and Tudders, ( if he stays) The attack should be shredding a few defences next season.

The hope is though that this new “team” will gell quickly, as we need to get out of this division at the first time of asking…..  or it could be finicial meltdown,

  The Blue and White side of the city, are at least making some good signings, the pressure is on the blunts, who with even more debt than us, appear to be struggling to sign anyone decent ? !

  Come on ! I have a good feeling about this season, Promotion beckons, get behind the team,

The future is bright, the future is blue and white !!!  

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Paul, please can I have the Lotto numbers for this saturday ??

I’ve seen some pretty bad England games over the years…

Any game with a penalty in it !!

The Japan game was astonishingly bad, when was the last time that Japan scored 3 goals and ended up losing ??

 The USA game was bad, just bad, a game we “should” have won on paper,

Algeria though, Lucky enough I was driving to Sheffield so I had to make do with the excrusciating radio commentry ( Radio 5 Live was brilliant ) England were not.

 I can’t see what more motivation you need, The fact that you are pulling on your countries shirt, should be enough, many millions of us fans would pay the FA , or lose teeth, or a limb for a chance to play for England, but that display on Friday was shocking, England couldn’t control the ball let alone PASS it !!! the whole team did not look bothered ! Then for Rooney to blast the fans for booing them is shocking, Many people say that you should never boo at a game as it is demoralising, well if you pay to see a game, if you travel half way around the world, to see a game, if you use up life savings on doing the 2 previous, then it is justified, that if the performance is that bad, then yes you should BOO!!!, for a player on 100K+  A WEEK to turn around and criticise the fans is a disgrace, especially after his own performance !

 So the next game is a must win, must must win, and of cause blind faith means I will be willing the team on and praying for a win, England Expects Every Man To Do Their Duty …right !!

  But things could be worse, we could be following France…….

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Where would we be without the World Cup !!!

 all over TV programs have finished for the moment,

RIP – Heroes,  Ashes to Ashes

American Idol, Samantha Who?, Glee ( for J not me !! )  Desperate Houswives nearly finished also,  so many gaps in the TV  schedule !!

  So why not fill them with the World Cup!!!   No other event like this means you can sit and watch (meaningless to us Brits ) Honduras Vs Chile, etc and yet probably enjoy it !! To a football fan , anything will sort out the fix !!

 Today the Carling cup first round draw is made, and tomorrow the League 1 + 2 fixtures are out , 7 weeks to go to the new season and counting !!!!   I can’t wait !!  I have the shakes when football has ended…..   So come on Honduras, Ghana , even Korea, I’m trying to see as much as possible to fill the void !!!!

Me and D went on to the field infront of our house last night and had a kick about, she actually wanted to wear her Sheffield Wednesday Shirt !!  ( good girl !! )

 After that she wanted to help me re-plant some dahlia’s and a pepper plant.

When D lifted the pepper plant there was a snail attached, which she was curious to know what ( he ) was doing.

 When I said ( he ) maybe was trying to eat the plants.

She put him down and gave him a stern telling off !! saying ” Naughty Naughty  BOY !!!  Stop eating the plants….  Don’t do that again !!!  and waved her finger at him.

 That told him !

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Calling all SWFC fans, !

Tonight for one night only !

 It’s time to support the Baggies,

A baggie win or draw will take the relegation fight to the last game !

 We need Scott Carson, and Brunty to do us a favour of huge preportions , I reckon we can do Palace on Sunday, but after Saturdays bad , bad, or so bad result against Cardiff, we need to get to next Sunday….

   Come on Prayer mats out for Father Ted and the Boys !!!

Boing Boing Baggies !!!  Boing Boing Baggies !!!!!