This weekend may have been not the best, for fore – mentioned reasons.

But I had several revelations which astounded me .

1) My daughter of 17 months has a crush on a cartoon character !

2) cheese has approx, 125kcal per 30g !!  ( depending on the make, and type )

3) my memory for forgetting to not have gravy on my sunday lunch !!

  1)    Yes my daughter has a crush on Tom off of Fireman Sam. !!  HOW!!!

  2)    I was trying to be healthy, but we had a bit of double gloucster cheese left, so i ate it, only to see on the pack that, the calories were staggering, ( I am vegetarian, I need cheese, )  But the 125kcal per 30g shocked me ! Mental note, stick to extra light spreadable cheese.

  3) A theory going around is that Sinus headache is caused by an allegy….   i know someone who has migraines, from eating products withhigh levels of monosodium glutamate,  This is in gravy, which i have on a sunday, mainly, and surprisingly I do get headaches on a sunday , Coincidence Eh ???

Due to the headache, i had to stay in , but a plus point was that I got to see Lost In Translation, everytime I watch it, I learn something new !!


This morning, ( as usual ) Darcy woke up about 2am and came into bed with us, but today she wanted to talk….   

  Whether she was asleep, ( I was trying to be ) I am not sure, but she was in her “I want to show off my vocab” moods, so proceeded to go through every word she knew, from “Mam. Mam…. din dins”  “Taters”  ( potatoes ) Carrots, Peas, Fireman Sam, Bob The Builder,  and so on …   and so on..

Goodness knows how long this went on for, I finally fell asleep dreaming of vegatables, and kids cartoons, how much sleep Jayne got I am not sure !!

( Hoping to get the heating fixed today ! )