That is the question,

Some dept stores sell tinsel etc in september,

some people say that xmas has come when you first see the coke ad.

well, me wife wanted to put the tree up this weekend,

I had to put me foot down !

So we may do it, next weekend !

that’s marriage – give and take eh ?

D has been to see Father Christmas twice already .

It looks like the build up has started, then.

We finally took D to see Father Christmas,

D was v.e.r.y excited.

We said to her, what do you want father christmas to bring you for xmas?

” A pink pony ” she said

( A toy one in toys R’ us ( other toy shops are available ))

D THEN said,

“I will carry him home, and look after him ?”

 eerr “carry him home ??” ?

“yes” I carry him now ”

OMG    D thought she was getting the pink pony then and there !!

We managed to explain that the idea was you told Father Christmas what you wanted, and THEN if you a GOOD girl, THEN there MAYBE a CHANCE of PERHAPS getting said toy for Christmas !

D, in fairness took this a lot better than we thought !

   So after waiting an hour in line to meet Father Christmas,

D clammed up !! She smiled at Papa Noel,

but would not speak !

Mind you the chocolate afterwards helped a lot , and she enjoyed the experience greatly, running into her grandparents house excitedly shouting that she had seen father christmas !!!

 Ok a little harsh but…

J, took D, over to see Father Christmas, and reindeer et al last night at the local retail park, the event was even on TV so plenty of people knew about it, and hundreds turned up,

J and D waited for an hour at the front of the barriers, only for Papa Noel to decide to walk around the back, so no one at the front got to see him,

there were no stewards, or organisation, and old Mr Cringel went straight to his grotto, where a sign appeared saying average wait 2 hrs !!

Cheers to our local council, for spoiling a night that many children had been looking forward to , including my daughter, all week !!


My in -laws have bought a sand pit for D, for Christmas

but they gave it to her on Sunday,

‘cos the weather is still good, and D can use it , let’s face it, you can’t play in a sand pit in january !!!

Anyway she LUUuurrrveesss S it !!

I love the way that the smallest things to children can have the biggest reaction, you would have thought that Father Christmas himself had come for tea !!!!


 J and I are trying to get ideas from D , about what she would like for Christmas,

Some of the ideas  ( though mainly books ) can range drastically .

some of the ideas, range from 1) a dog… 2) A CASTLE !!  3) a Pig !!

OH BOY !!!!

  So now if we get D to eat her tea, we use the old bribe, of we shout up the chimney to tell Father Christmas to tell him that D has been good, and what would she like for Christmas !!!  ( hey humour me here, it WORKS !!!)

So J, D, and I usually end up on the carpet shouting at the gas effect fire, in front of the chimney…

  If you had told me 3 yrs ago, I’d be doing these things !!!!

D. Loves the library.

Last week her nan took her, but it was half day closing, D. stood at the door saying ” NAN, GET THE KEYS”  bless  ..

  She knows exactly where the Father Christmas books are, and goes and sits in the pre-school corner…..   ( She is 22 months ) !!!  she has her own library card…..

We read to her all the time in fairness, so this is a natural progression we hope…..  keep feeding the mind !!