D, has her heart appointment on Thursday,  not life threatning, but it may need sorting.

If you can spare us a thought on Thursday it would be appreciated,

 Basically there is 2 outcomes.

1) Full discharge.

2) Back to Bristol and have the procedure done again.

 It is a ….  worrying time, we thought we were over it, then at the check up they added a year to the final discharge date to be sure. You think a year is a huge time away, but it is amazing how soon it  comes around again.

Surgery is worrying when it is yourself having it, but when your child has to have it, it suddenly blows things out of proportion, remembering the operation nearly 3 yrs ago is bad, but now D being nearly 4 she will be fully aware of what is happening, which makes it harder for us parents……. The worst part was remembering the surgeon saying “Do you want to kiss D good-bye?? “……..   I was furious inside, it wasn’t GOOD-BYE..  only … good-night.for couple of hours.  I keep saying it but before you have children, you can’t put yourself in the shoes of someone with children ( I do not try to make myself out to be something special saying that…. ) but it is true, things change. The amount of love you have for a child is incredible, and undescribable.  and naturally you don’t want any harm to come to them, you want to shield them from harm.

So if you can spare us a thought on Thursday it would be apprecriated.

I went home last weekend, which was … Fantastic.

 I didn’t get to go at Christmas, so this kinda made up for it.

 Firstly I got to see the family, which as I get older I appreciate more and more, I think when you are younger you kind of take them for granted, nothing in life should be taken for granted, So I spent some time with them, and my Gran. Helped my sister finish pull down a ceiling, and clear up then start clearing the green house of last years rubbish, ready for this years harvest.

 Managed to get to see Sheffield Wednesday, though paying £24 for about 24 minutes of decent football is not value for money. How a team can totally underperform one half, yet show sparks of brilliance in the second half is totally beyond me, but that is the life of a suffering football fan, The future is bright, the future is blue and white.

 Thanks to my sister and boyfriend, I discovered Bradfield Brewery, and their fantastic ales www.bradfieldbrewery.co.uk , ( I think I know where I’m visiting on my next trip home ! )

It was all in all a very good weekend, I need a few lung fulls of Yorkshire air again to rejuvinate me, It’s still my home.

I just found out that my daughter likes Shakin stevens !!!

I just found out my wife has his cd in the car !!!!!


but watching my daughter move and wave her arms to ” green door” is hilarious !!

If the mountain won’t go to Mohammed…….

You know the story….

So I moved to Wales, My wife didn’t want to move to Sheffield….

Harsh I feel  !!

It’s been 13 yrs now, 3 extra if you count uni.

It’s been hard. My family all live in Sheffield. I love the place, and them, As soon as I see the sign on the M1 just North of Nottingham saying Sheffield 54miles my heart leaps , you start to see the orange glow of the night sky from the street lights, that I miss now terribly, though I do get a nice view of the stars in Wales…..

Home is where the heart is…   Very true.

I get home perhaps 3 times a year, I should try harder but my car will pass 110, 000 miles today !!! excuses shouldn’t cut it !!

It worries me though , that as time passes my family get older I need to see them more.

So I end up torn.

I’m not bitter though Wales has a lot of pluses….my new family.

When I lived in Sheffield, the idea of being british never held any sway, but the welsh are pretty patriotic, and I feel myself becoming more English , if that is possible…..  ?

Does anyone take annual leave in Sheffield these days ???

guess I will have to stay homesick…..

Who is right about this swine flu then???

 If you listen to the media,  ” The end of the world is Nigh ”   ( ” We’re allllll   dooooommmed  ” to quote Fraser on Dad’s Army )

If you listen to the doctors,,  ” Don’t worry, this is no more than the seasonal flu, that doesn’t get reported ”


I’m concerned, but not panicking …………….

My parents, D’s Grandparents, are called ( by D ) Pops and Gran,  ( Thanks Sister for suggesting that !! )

D likes to name things , ” Lets call him….   err  … ” whatever,  see ?

  So last week she was thinking of pops and gran , stood up and said…

 Standing on tip-toes.  she said, lets call him ” Biiiiig Pops.. ”

Then crouching on the floor, she said, ” and lets call gran ” Liiiiiitle gran ! ”

Where this came from, I have no idea, and as my parents are apprx 5’10” there is no little or big really !!

Man, what a month, though work is slack, home life is crazy, out this weekend, then easter , then family down for the next two weekends !! oh er, then its May ! another month gone !

Home is mad, I do not seem to have spare minute, I am trying to paint the outside of the house, well the back yard, but you can only do so much at one go, and then of course the weekend is split between trying to share the parent burden, and work on the house, especially as family are down soon, and things need doing, thank god for music, I am getting through so much at the moment it is untrue….. just need to to calm down a little the stress of it all, and driving 70 + miles a day is killing me …