D is welsh, by nature of being born in Wales,

But she is still half English.

J, tried to get her to shout for Wales in the rugby last week, and D said to me, “Dad, I’m half Welsh……”   To wish I replied, yes, but remember that the bigger half in English ! ”

That confused her…

 So do I get her to say ” Hey up Pops ” when we go home to Sheffield !! that’ll confuse her.!!


1) Embarassed  2) Shambles  3) sickening  4) Criminal  5) Excruciating  6) gut-wrenching ( ok thats two ) 7) Horrific   8 ) Frustrating, 9) AAARRRggghhhh  !!!!  10 ) piss take.

  10 little words off the top of my head to try and get my head around the horror show of the England vs Germany game on Sunday,

  We had been invited to a Christening in Newark last Sunday, so everyone was kinda on tenterhooks on whether we were going to see the game or not,

 Have no fear, the reception was the catholic community centre,

no problem for a bar and ……  BIG SCREEN !!!

 but then the game started,

 I just can not say how embarrassed I was by the performance, If I had travelled to South Africa, I would be BANGING on the F.A ‘s door demanding my money back, A nation was geared up for this world cup, like I can’t believe. I had not seen such patriotism from the fans, then you had practically a full team, of “professionals ” who couldn’t be bothered to pull on their national shirt, and show a bit of pride for the fans, and Rooneys comment still smart, let alone his performance !!!!

 Sorry I’m a massive fan of Capello. the blame has to fall at the players feet, no guts, no aptitude, no willing , no pride…….    no sense !!!

 I just can’t understand it, how a team can go from being playing brilliantly in the qualifiers, to a such a mess , ( including Slovenia ).

A lot of players need to have a good look in the mirror, and decide whether they want to continue to REPRESENT THEIR COUNTRY !

Can you tell I’m disappointed ??

So those pesky Americans score in injury time eh ??

Well you get Ghana for your troubles, who will not be easy opponents.

leaving us with Germany, although they are good, they are not unbeatable though.

 I have a christening though Sunday afternoon ! can you believe it ???

It is no good bleeting on about who you are going to play next….   if you are going to win it, then you will have to play some big teams, else there’s no point being there.

 Bring on the Germans. !!

The world cup has raised issues with Britain,

 I miss the English spirit ‘cos I live in Wales, I was proud to be English last weekend when I went home , theres such a camaradery at the moment, But in wales all I get is grief ! OK I expect it to an extent, that is the way sport goes, it is tribal, birds of a feather etc etc etc…  

but the true fact is that if England weren’t in the world cup, the English would follow Scotland, Wales, or Ireland.  I do find it strange that that same feeling doesn’t rub the other way ? Especially as week in , week out, most of these people follow man utd, liverpool, chelsea, etc etc etc..


Waxing lyrical with – The Streets.

( Come on Mike Skinner , time for another album !! )

I’ve seen some pretty bad England games over the years…

Any game with a penalty in it !!

The Japan game was astonishingly bad, when was the last time that Japan scored 3 goals and ended up losing ??

 The USA game was bad, just bad, a game we “should” have won on paper,

Algeria though, Lucky enough I was driving to Sheffield so I had to make do with the excrusciating radio commentry ( Radio 5 Live was brilliant ) England were not.

 I can’t see what more motivation you need, The fact that you are pulling on your countries shirt, should be enough, many millions of us fans would pay the FA , or lose teeth, or a limb for a chance to play for England, but that display on Friday was shocking, England couldn’t control the ball let alone PASS it !!! the whole team did not look bothered ! Then for Rooney to blast the fans for booing them is shocking, Many people say that you should never boo at a game as it is demoralising, well if you pay to see a game, if you travel half way around the world, to see a game, if you use up life savings on doing the 2 previous, then it is justified, that if the performance is that bad, then yes you should BOO!!!, for a player on 100K+  A WEEK to turn around and criticise the fans is a disgrace, especially after his own performance !

 So the next game is a must win, must must win, and of cause blind faith means I will be willing the team on and praying for a win, England Expects Every Man To Do Their Duty …right !!

  But things could be worse, we could be following France…….

 Currently listening to 30 Seconds to Mars, This is War.

5 days to go till the world cup

England Vs USA

Can’t wait , this has been well, 4 yrs in the making !!

As the rest of England is going football crazy, I am having my own little England party, somewhere hidden in wales !!  or maybe it is all in me head !! Anyway I’m exstatically excited, and can not wait !!!  Of course England ( us ) ( WE ) are going to win !!!

 This is the the English way, All or nothing….

 Though I feel a little something for the USA with John Harkes, being a loyal servant of Sheffield Wednesday back in the day,

 But England Expects…  and maybe this time……  maybe we can ….   win. ?


currently listening to Velvet Revolver – Contraband.

Not the Kids in Glass Houses song, which is by the way, amazing !!! go listen NOW, well AFTER reading this !

 What is it 11 days. 10 days to the world cup?? I can’t wait.

end of.

But I live in wales , which is not so enthralled about the world cup…or the English when it comes to sports

But they love the English !  ( mmmmmmmmm)

My parents were down, with tales of every car with st. georges flags on it, sounds like the blind allegance  has begun ! I just want to be apart of that. Just a little bit yeah ?!

 If you can’t dream what have you got eh? And you never know we may win it again..

” To The Arena to Dream, To The Stadium To Sing ” Tim Parks

” It’s My Life, It’s In My Blood ” ( sheffield wednesday official site)