Weekend, over and back to work… BOOOoo ooo   oo o    o !

Took my car in to have the handbrake re-tensioned, only to find the rear adjustors, need replacing.! £200 !!  F$@# !!!   I am supposed to saving for a new car, !!! and next month i will need 2 new tyres !

Anyway, we took D to Greenmeadow Community Farm in Cwmbran, which was really good, The sun was hot, the animals were wide and varied, llamas, pigs, sheep, goat, cows, etc etc, good kids play area. so D was really happy !

 Sunday was DIY day !

  I cut the beading from our Bay window down one side, and was “going” to mastic a piece of dowel, then stain it, the best laidd plans of mice and men, eh ?!! Well the mastic had set solid in the bottom 3″, meaning that the £10 was a waste, so i cut the tube open, and used the mastic as a kinda glue / come putty, painted the dowel and stuck it on, then filled one side with the sealant, like putty !!  it looks ok, but I need another tube to seal the wall edge, and then do the rest of the windo, and door !!

listening to :- 30 seconds to Mars, and a bit of Nickelback.


I have only one vice.


My music collection was getting out of hand.. and due to lack of money, I thought it was time for some DIY. Not the kind of “dad you have made a spice rack ” DIY, but something a bit better. ( and if it was an occasion to use the shed , so be it )

I love my shed, but it has got cluttered over the winter, I think everyman should have a shed, there is someting  comforting about being able to own a shed !!  mine even has carpet !

 Well it took me an hour to clear up the shed, and get the weights out ( second reason for going in the shed ) not quite a home gym, but we are getting there!.

So after tidying my wood pile and realising that I idn’t have that much left, I managed to make something simple, yet stylish, I may grace you with photos, I may not,

 but after last weeks stress, it was comforting to make something, and make it reasonably well. Theraputic almost !

I’ve been looking out my window at the railings on our house,

they are a mess.

so I started this weekend, to clean them up ready for re-painting.

Problem is it is the rust that is holding them up !! and i’m not doing the rails on each neighbour side, not because i’m tight…  ( well I am ) but they both say that it is my boundary, ( I only have 1 boundary, and I think i know which, but I need to get the deeds out! )

4 1/2 hours of wire brushing and scraping, and they finally look presentable for painting,

mind i found out that previous owners had painted them , silver, and before that green !!!  GREEN for goodness sake, maybe I should upset the neighbours , and paint them blue and white !!  stripes !!!

 My folks are down this weekend, J suddenly decides we have to get a picture put up in the lounge,

Never rush a picture putting up job at 9 pm !

 After 3 attempts, and 3 different different types of fixing, I realsie that the expensive frame is nackered in that the donut who made it, drilled the fixing holes in the back at different levels ! hence the slant…    well , little slant after being persuaded with a hammer !

” Welcome (back) to shooting stars ”

great to see a much loved TV programme back on the telly !!

Vic & Bob still are comedy genius, and they have gone back to the no-nonsense ( ? ) format of the earlier series.

 p.s why do women tend not to get this type of comedy ??

Yesterday was one of those days

those days that just get clogged up

I painted , I cleaned the house, I painted

When I paint, I can see the world with some clarity,

I can think straight, for a little while….   maybe it is the fumes !!!

How did all that washing build up, let alone the need to hover !! man alive, domestic cleaning stinks !!!  ( well it would without the cleaning !!! )

D had her first REAL terrible 2’s strop, she wanted icecream instead of her sunday dinner, ( who wouldn’t really ) But we had to say NO, we had to make a stand else, D will attempt to rule the roost, ( she kinda does already !)

The problem is that we MAY have guests this weekend, – No chance with the slow state of painting in the spare room, but when you get in at night see D, have tea, you do not exactly feel like painting !

need t stop moaning and get on with it …

I have too many Chili Peppers songs going around in my head today, i tried to blast them out with a little Avenged Sevenfold earlier on, but i may play Califorication in my lunch break….

 Back to the ironmongery ………….


 Yesterdays, music painting ex-travaganza play list.

1)Best of G ‘n’ R

2) Backyard Babies

3) How to dismantle an atom bomb – U2

4) Sigur Ros

5) Gavin Degraw,

 Velvet Revolver will have to wait till tonight. !


  Ceiling painted.

Skirting boards are now stripped, and sanded ready for painting,

walls are blottered out white, nearly ready for painting.

 just need more time, to get this room finished !!!

the folks are coming down in 2 or 3 weeks time, and my sister in a month,

The pressure is on !!!