D’s new game, is to grab part of yer face,

then say e.g ” I take your nose…..   and ….  put it on my cheek !! ”

then laugh.

this generally goes on till I have no face,

and she has a face like a Picasso painting !!!

  The fun a father and daughter can have !!!


I wrote 2 blogs, ages ago, way back in the mists of time, back somewhere, in my myspace days, some 18 months ago probably now, I was reminded by them this morning, Well sunday evening really…   Strange what putting a Paul Simon cd on can do….


This kinda sums it all up…

  Father and daughter  – Paul Simon,

I’m gonna watch you shine

Gonna watch you grow

Gonna paint a sign

so you’ll always know

as long as one and one is two

there could never be a father

who loved his daughter more than I love you. “

or Enjoy the silence – Depeche Mode

” All I ever wanted,

All I ever needed

Is here in my arms.

Words are very


they can only do us harm, “

This reminds me of how good it is to hold my daughter as she falls asleep at night

Sometimes I need to remember just how amazing it is to have children, they change our lives in so many ways , for the better !

So this is the new path I am taking.

Today …  Little things count, pay more attention to them Gareth

1) The funny way that my daughter will rub my hair, for no reason shouting “Spikeeeeeeeeeey ” ” Daddeeee  got spiky hair “

2) The Kings Of Leon, truly are an amazing band

3) The fact that my daughter loves to dance, and for no other reason, than she just wants to!!, and has no hang ups, about what she looks like !

4) The way that some mornings as I leave to go to work, the world just seems to be holding it’s breathe, …    just for that snapshot, so peaceful !

5) Why do I love double helpings of golden syrup quaker oats for breakfast, and why are they so addictive?

Today I aim, to break the big picture, into little bits , this waynot only can you take more in, but also it doesn’t seem that bad…

And it is the weekend…  well almost.

My daughter likes books

My daughter likes stories

so much so, that we have to make stories up ! ,

I should get them published, Clive the Kitten, Fred and Maurice  ( piper of cause  !! hahahaha !!)the potato heads, Henry the Hedgehog !! 


  Well last night it was taking Darcy and age and a half to get her to go sleep, and she wanted a story, I managed one , then she wanted another, she turned and hugged me ( she knows how to get around me already ! ) but I was tired, and drifted asleep just as Clive the kitten landed on the moon ….  ( yes I know abstract !) then I was woken by Darcy …  wake up dad, get up !!

Stories are far more important than sleep !!

As parents sometimes I think as soon as your child is quiet or a little off colour, you panic into thinking what the problem is, Do not think that I do not take my child’s health seriously, the last time my daughter had a high temperature, it ended in a hospital stay !!  but the problem is that it is easy as an adult or teenager to say if you are feeling unwell, if you are a child with” advanced for her age speech, ” but not full speech, it is hard to explain how you feel, apart from hungry, thirsty, cold, hot etc etc,

 Yesterday Darcy had played all day, and should have been shattered, she slept for less than an hour, then we had to wake her, well she did not like it, and looked ill for about an hour + afterwards,

 But sometimes children are like this, yes it is good to edge on the side of caution, but also you mustn’t panic at something that a yoghurt, or 2, and cheese sandwich can fix.

( when she was due to go to bed, it took and hour and 1/4 !!  )

Learning to find this fine line, is infact the learning curve that I am on !!

Yesterday was one of those days when I looked at my daughter, and could tell she is growing up , ( not just physically, I knew that !!  what with the cost in trousers and shoes !!!  ) but emotionally, intellectually etc,

 there was not one thing that I can tell you, or explain, she just seemed, more “grown up ” this is a good day ? Well I think so, perhaps a little sad day too…..

My Daughter is growing up !

Funniest randon statement by our daughter at xmas, was at my parents house,

my parents opened a tin of biscuits, and put them on the coffee table, Darcy walks over to the tin, looks into it and says…

” Hello Bicy’s !!   Where you been ? !! ”

 ( I can tell you where they are about to go though ! )