I went home last weekend to see the folks,

and see Sheffield Wednesday, play Blackburn in the last pre-season friendly !!!

And obviously to get D a new Sheffield Wednesday Shirt ( much to J’s annoyance !! )

 As Nick Hornby says in Fever Pitch…   ” When you choose your team, choose carefully, because you choose for life ”

 So being a caring father I chose Sheffield Wednesday for D !!!  ( before Liverpool, Man utd, and even the cardiff, try to grab her attention !!!

  And if she took up the game, Wednesday have a decent womens team, and being half English, I hope she would represent England ( I hope J is not reading this !! )

  Maybe I am getting a little far ahead !!!  ?

  I sold the shirt to D, ( NOT IN MONEY TERMS !!  I’M NOT THAT TIGHT !!!)  by saying that it had an owl, and a teddy bear ( Sheffield Childrens Hospital, worthy cause !! ) ( only 3rd team to my knowledge to do this in a sponsor given to charity )

   So I bought the shirt, which D has worn, though she liked it, because she said it has a doggy on the front ( teddy bear of the hospital !!!)  Oh well  it is a start !!

I also bought the shirt, looks like the family are eating bread and dripping for the rest of the month !!!!


Last nite saw me paint out 2 wardrobes with some damp paint, not that they have damp as such, but they get that stuffy musty air, you know ??    maybe not ! 

  well damp paint smells like it was made in a fish factory in Hull !!!, so get the windows open, and the de-humidifier, which worked a treat.

 Tonight I start to paint the back room