Oh the rumour mill has started,

 Father Ted will get the sack if swfc are relegated…

 Yeah like that is going to help the situation , what ever league we are in… getting together a team of players who are championship standard, and want to play for the club, and as a team, should be a priority ! No getting rid of another good manager !

So on to sunday, winner takes all !!


So Sunday is a sell out 36,000+

Swfc wanted to open the “triangle” “crows nest” etc etc  open, but the police said no.

 ( secretly it is a shame, as it hold one of the best views of the ground!!!) I remember standing there in the 80’s and seeing a Man Utd fan shin up a flag pole to change a flag to one with Man Utd written on it !!!  hehehe . We need the atmosphere of those days on Sunday, again I remember seeing us play Man Utd ( different game !) ,standing on the kop amongst a crowd of 48,000 , after me dad talked the guy on the turn stile into letting me in !! swaying like a good’un. God help us when we scored !!!

  Don’t get on the players backs on sunday, give 110 % support and we will stay up !

The Future is Bright…..   The Future is Blue & White !

listening to Kids in glass houses…..   whilst waiting for me Drive By Truckers cd to arrive !

Bigger than the play off final of 2005 ??

Well in some ways yes…..

 2005 ,

 me dad must have queued for 5 hours or so for tickets, and come the day, we got to Cardiff really early, managing to get the last space in what turned out to be a Hartlepool Utd car park…!

41,000 of us made the pilgrimage that day. Great day , great memories, one of which was the then Talismanic Steve Maclean  having missed 9 months with a broken leg, came off the bench as a sub, and within a couple of minutes, his first touch was to score a penalty !!  time to stand up and be counted. None of that 2005 team are now playing at SWFC I don’t think, but the present team have to play like it is a play off final, this is a one off chance to give something back to the fans, that  – lets be honest – has been lacking this season.

 Time to stand and be counted.

 PLAY FOR THE SHIRT, play for the fans,

The future is bright, the future is blue & white. !!

BBC to show the Sheffield Wednesday VS Crystal Palace game on Sunday 1pm

At 7am, 26,000 tickets sold, and apparently BT have announced they didn’t expect the demand for tickets, ( as if )

 So the relegation decider is all going to be decided on Sunday, a win , nothing less will do, Lee Stafford, calls it the biggest game for 20 yrs  !  If that isn’t enough of a wake up call , then nothing is.!

The nerves are jangling already

The future is bright , the future is blue and white.