They’re ok, but there’s not much meat on ’em…!

JOKE don’t call social services on me !!  JOKE,

 D is getting really good at cooking, Or helping me and J to cook, so much so every night now she says ” I help you daddy ?” ” get a chair ” to which we have to pull up a chair for her, and she then stirs, or scrapes the chopped food in the pans

 Green’s make great ready made mixture, that suits toddlers down to a tee….

She is pretty mean with a pastry cutter also !!


I hate pancakes….   sorry get that outta the way,

too rubbery.

Anyway, Have I got the day mixed up or something, I heard nothing about it…  ( I have haven’t I, go on tell me its next week or something… )

 Or maybe the Bloody PC brigade have cancelled it, in fear that people may be offended !!!

  We tried to get D to do some cooking…   She LOVES to help cook, She has to stand on one of the dining room  ( Dining room eh! how posh do I sound ) hahaha  ) chairs ! so she can reach !, mind you yesterday she stirred the mixture, then ran off to be an engine ( thomas the tank variety ) She didn’t even get too excited by the flipping of said pancake. !

 J & D stayed at the inlaws last nite, so I caught the Brit awards, which was a real non event really.. had a bath and put some Richard Hawley on, ( couldn’t find the Lemon Jelly !) nearly fell asleep !!

 Why does EVERY weather report I see seem to be different, ” Sleet / Light snow / light rain / sunny/ heavy snow / fog, ”  in “varying areas ” 


  Oh and Sheffield Wednesday lost to Donny, 2-0  ermm !

  Sorry a bit of a gripy , mardy arse kinda blog today !!

Aerosmith – greatest ever, definitive , ultimate, hits ( vol 6 ) being listened to now .

I have tried gardening with D,

it worked, she is interested.

so on saturday J had gone shopping so I thought we would make some buns, ( cupcakes to D )

And it went quite well,,,,,,   D was very keen to stir, and generally put thing in the bowl……   several times, (whether she thought the packet was not quite empty i’m not sure !! )

So tonight I thought we would make some jam tarts, and keep the ball rolling !!!