Oh the rumour mill has started,

 Father Ted will get the sack if swfc are relegated…

 Yeah like that is going to help the situation , what ever league we are in… getting together a team of players who are championship standard, and want to play for the club, and as a team, should be a priority ! No getting rid of another good manager !

So on to sunday, winner takes all !!


So Sunday is a sell out 36,000+

Swfc wanted to open the “triangle” “crows nest” etc etc  open, but the police said no.

 ( secretly it is a shame, as it hold one of the best views of the ground!!!) I remember standing there in the 80’s and seeing a Man Utd fan shin up a flag pole to change a flag to one with Man Utd written on it !!!  hehehe . We need the atmosphere of those days on Sunday, again I remember seeing us play Man Utd ( different game !) ,standing on the kop amongst a crowd of 48,000 , after me dad talked the guy on the turn stile into letting me in !! swaying like a good’un. God help us when we scored !!!

  Don’t get on the players backs on sunday, give 110 % support and we will stay up !

The Future is Bright…..   The Future is Blue & White !

listening to Kids in glass houses…..   whilst waiting for me Drive By Truckers cd to arrive !

Bigger than the play off final of 2005 ??

Well in some ways yes…..

 2005 ,

 me dad must have queued for 5 hours or so for tickets, and come the day, we got to Cardiff really early, managing to get the last space in what turned out to be a Hartlepool Utd car park…!

41,000 of us made the pilgrimage that day. Great day , great memories, one of which was the then Talismanic Steve Maclean  having missed 9 months with a broken leg, came off the bench as a sub, and within a couple of minutes, his first touch was to score a penalty !!  time to stand up and be counted. None of that 2005 team are now playing at SWFC I don’t think, but the present team have to play like it is a play off final, this is a one off chance to give something back to the fans, that  – lets be honest – has been lacking this season.

 Time to stand and be counted.

 PLAY FOR THE SHIRT, play for the fans,

The future is bright, the future is blue & white. !!

BBC to show the Sheffield Wednesday VS Crystal Palace game on Sunday 1pm

At 7am, 26,000 tickets sold, and apparently BT have announced they didn’t expect the demand for tickets, ( as if )

 So the relegation decider is all going to be decided on Sunday, a win , nothing less will do, Lee Stafford, calls it the biggest game for 20 yrs  !  If that isn’t enough of a wake up call , then nothing is.!

The nerves are jangling already

The future is bright , the future is blue and white.

Prayer mat is still out, and lives to see another game !!

Baggies drew, which means that it is effectively a winner takes all on Sunday,

Only a win will do …..

Not a day for the faint hearted.

Calling all SWFC fans, !

Tonight for one night only !

 It’s time to support the Baggies,

A baggie win or draw will take the relegation fight to the last game !

 We need Scott Carson, and Brunty to do us a favour of huge preportions , I reckon we can do Palace on Sunday, but after Saturdays bad , bad, or so bad result against Cardiff, we need to get to next Sunday….

   Come on Prayer mats out for Father Ted and the Boys !!!

Boing Boing Baggies !!!  Boing Boing Baggies !!!!!

Sheffield Wednesday 2… Watford 1

What can I say, apart from exhale of a little relief.


3 Massive points,  but we need a win on the weekend, a winning streak is needed!!

Now is the time to back your team,