What is it with people who drive and do not indicate??

It isn’t that hard….just stretch that finger…press down… turn the car …. flick indicator  back.

By NOT indicating, you must have saved ooohh  err  1 calorie !!  and endangered my life !!!

I thank you !



 After garage – relations have some what broken down…   ( sorry crap pun )

I decided that I could not keep going back and fore to get coolant when and if I needed it, so I summoned up the cash and went to the local Ford dealer to buy a bottle,

Now last time I bought some was 3 yrs ago, and it cost me £17, so I was prepared.

 So when I asked the man in parts ,

( that the man working in parts & maintenance…..    not like literally in parts !!   ) Yeah ?

He gave me a bottle of the “new, improved ” coolant, I was panicking….

So when he said it cost £ 5.70 I was picking meself up off of the floor !!

I said you charged me £17  for that 3 yrs ago !!!   you sure that is the same liquid??  or did you just see me coming ??

  He couldn’t understand it either….  I bet, as he scratched his head – his new gold rolex glinted !!!

  I left thinking I had a bargain, but on the other hand, a little angry !!

   Mind you I stopped and asked how much for a diesel Fiesta and was told 1yr old, would be 11 grand !!!!!    11 GRAND????   I’ll be keeping mine for a bit longer then !!!!

Hey , If it is raining, and dark like , er. now !

Cut the speed a little,

don’t cut people up ! ( in cars, not like literally !! )


not like the muppet I was following last night who thought he would do 50mph in a 70, ” ‘cos i’m drivin safe … see ”   then for no reason, no trafffic ahead, and he slams his brakes on !! what couldn’t you find the tune you wanted on the cd changer ???

 ( For the record,  the muppet, was probably an older fozzy , with trilby and bow tie, and he didn’t have a cd changer probably old 78’s ….     how do I know this..???   COS I NEARLY ENDED UP IN HIS BOOT !!