So we went to Swansea, to try and find a bike for D, ( and have a sneaky look at the guitar hero merch. )

Boy was this hard.

It had to be red, and have a seat behind, for her Ted (teddy bear) !

result = no.

But in fairness she isn’t that interested in cycling, as in she would rather use her feet to push the bike…..  she isn’t 3 yet ! so maybe back to the drawing board for ideas.

 Bargain of the weekend was in the end of bin shelf at the local supermarket…   2 bolttles of Bierre Morrati Italian beer for 58p  yep…  2 bottles for 29p each !!  I almost collapsed . It went down well with the butternust squash rissotto last nite !!

I am excited, Slash’s new album is out tomorrow in collaboration with Classic Rock magazine, lets say I ReallY hope this lives upto expectation ‘cos if it does it could  be a classic !! The problem I have is putting my Black Stone Cherry down for a few minutes !!!

 Potatoes….  Dahlia’s…  Cosmos… and sun flowers all planted !!


Welcome Easter,

and the snow we had yesterday!  yep snow in April, Man come on !!

News on the fitness front….  I may have been “given” a bike….   we shall see….   it apparently may need some work…..   but free is one of my favourite words !!!!

 Black Stone Cherry’s second album was delivered yesterday…What an album, the 1st cd was good, but this at least equals it !! and the acoustic cd with it is excellant..

Long weekend for Easter now, Been awhile since we had some time off.. Its all good!

Watching American Idol last nite…. I so much prefer this to the crap X factor that we have, ( I feel sorry for America next year ) guest mentor of Usher, who basically said all the singers are great, and they all deserve to win etc etc etc blah blah, then when they sing, the judges rip the crap outta them!! That just does NOT happen in X factor !! more honesty please we like that !! X factor is so ” You so deserve to be in the final etc etc , ” it turns yer stomach !!

 Trying to find a bike for D, so much choice, etc it is going to be difficult !!

Have a good easter !

A mixed week really.


Redundancies at work                       

D’s New friend starts school in 2 weeks !!                                                                                              

increased workload + targets                               


Didn’t get redundancy

CV finished and ready to send

D, has started making friends

Owls inch closer to safety

Discovered Black Stone Cherry !

The look on D’s face when we gave her a new chair !

Weekend tomorrow thank goodness, it is not good to wish your life away, but I do look forward to the weekends !!