I may have blogged this alredy,

I can’t remember

D likes the show Bert & Ernie.

 And the titles sound VERY much like Paul Simon singing …

 Paul if your reading, please feel free to comment , !!

D shouted to me from the lounge,

“Dad, Come, and , see , magic ! )

 ( How could I resist ! ?? )

Well , in the lounge there was a beach towel on the floor, with 2 wooden chairs on it,

J. was already sat on said towel,

Magic, was infact a magic carpet,

“where are we going?” i asked D.

” the beach !! ” answered D.

Where else would a toddler want to go, on a magic carpet !!!


  Bert & Ernie ….   You have a lot to answer for !

Ok So I told you about D’s imaginary friends, in Bert & Ernie,


2 days ago D was talking to herself, and my mother in law asked her who she was talking to …

D answered, ” my sister ”

 (  !  )

As she has no sister, and sorry to break this to her on line, ( one is not planned )

This freaked me out !

The wiggles sometimes come out to play as well,

Is this normal !   ??

I think it is me, who is going mad sometimes !!

one word…


We all had imaginary friends right ??

Well wrong, I never did, me wife did as a kid, and so did lots of other people I know.

Our daughter has them.

I say “them”

‘cos her friends are Bert & Ernie off of Sesame Street !

It was The Wriggles, but they did not last too long, so usher in Bert & Ernie. !

 I guess you just got to go along with it, but when D. says ” Bert’s on me back !  GET OFF BERT !!! ” you have to start wondering don’t you  !