The Rocks

The Rocks

 Back in 2004, we were in Oz, I have photos randomly looping on my screen saver, and I saw this.

 I nearly deleted it several times, but today I really liked it,

The evening after we met D. Campese in his shop.

Happy memories….

Need a holiday !!



  I was recently thinking, yes it does happen sometimes, for our honeymoon, Jayne and I actually travelled the world, this I did not really think of at the time, it was a case of a snap decision in the travel agents. We wanted to go to Sydney in Australia, but then we thought we would spend a week, somewhere else, and it was going to be New Zealand, but I did n’t fancy it, cos the weather is simular to the uk…..     Anyway, someone mentioned Fiji, and that was that, then cos we were in Fiji, the travel agent, said…   well the thing is you have to keep travelling “around” the world, you just do not travel back, from Fiji, to Oz, then Singapore and home!!!!  So we ended up going to LA for  2 days,

The point of this blog, which i feel is vanishing into the mist quickly is….   I think from this time point, Did we actually lose a day off of our lives ??, if we travelled the opposite way around, would way re-gain the day ??


 We left Fiji at 10 pm, saturday, and landed in LA at about midday, saturday,  so did we only lose 1/2 a day ??

Now can you understand the confusion, that is my thinking processes of my brain !  hahaha